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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Text Of President Obama's Draft War Powers Declaration Submitted to Congress

A full analysis will come later, but should you want to read what Obama submitted to congress it follows below


Jeff Dunetz said...

I respectfully disagree. Williams' lying essentially destroys him. Truthfulness is at the heart of his job. This isn't stealing pencils. This is basic dishonesty about who he is and what he does. There should be no place in honest journalism for the likes of Brian Williams.

Jeff Dunetz said...

WRONG. He should have been fired sooner. How dare anyone suggest lowering the standards of honest reporting. It's grievious to think that more liars like him could be newscasting to our children. He insulted us, deceived us, and continued to lie to us with phoney excuses. He belongs out of the public eye and ear and to never speak to us again.

Jeff Dunetz said...