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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pew: Americans Don't Trust Iran Or Obama's Ability To Make A Good Deal

As the Iranian nuclear talk edge toward the deadline and the participants are supposedly going to issue an empty statement of success without any success, a new Pew Study shows Americans are clear that they do not trust Iran's intentions nor to they want any deal enacted without congressional approval.

As expected (and probably what the President's supporters will brag about, most Americans approve of the fact the U.S. is negotiating with Iran, especially Democrats  (62%) and independents (49% approve vs 40% disapprove). The majority of Republicans  (56%) disaprove.

But approval of talks is a very little part of the story.

According to a Pew research study by more than a two to one margin Americans think that Congress (62%) rather than Obama (29%) should have the final authority for approving any nuclear agreement between America and Iran . As you might expect, this result is driven by Republicans  (83% say Congress) and Independents (67% say Congress) while the Majority of Democrats (51 to 42%) say Obama should get the final word.

Likewise, most Americans (63%-27%) don't trust Iran's intentions in the negotiations.  Again it is driven by Republicans (80% don't trust) and independents (64%) but in this case a plurality of Democrats (48%-39%) don't trust Iran's intentions.

Overall the results are not surprising. Americans support talking, however they fear that Iran is not serious and they don't trust President Obama's ability to make a deal which protects America. In the end that's why the vast majority of Americans want their representatives, Congress to review any deal


Jeff Dunetz said...

typo in 5th paragraph. "Likewise, most Americans (63%-27%) DON'T trust Iran's intentions". :(

Jeff Dunetz said...

The object of the exercise is to bring down the world domination of the "West," while raising the powers of the nations (and regions), who the leftists consider "victims" of our centuries of "oppression."
O'Bama's been doing the same thing here in America for His entire time in the WH. With the objective to turn the world into a new "collective."

Jeff Dunetz said...

I hope they didn't get paid to take this survey
This is a no-brainer - even to most liberals

Jeff Dunetz said...

Iran is planning a twofer. Bomb Israel directly, EMP the US and send in Islamic troops to cause chaos and prevent the grid from being repaired. Obama is a traitor to America. Just like those in Congress who won't impeach him.