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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Alan Grayson-Exposing His Frothing At The Mouth Crazy Side Again

During his latest term in congress Florida Democrat Alan Grayson seems a bit more serene. Oh he is still a nasty SOB who is claiming his ex-wife was a bigamist so the judge annul his 24-year-long marriage and he wont have to pay alimony, but we haven't seen the publicly frothing at the mouth crazy since his first congressional term. But the old Grayson has reared his ugly head once again.

Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times interviewed Grayson over the phone about the Congressman's hypocritical investments, and Crazy Al started cussing like there was no tomorrow
Grayson Fund Ltd. and Grayson Master Fund were incorporated in 2011 in the Cayman Islands, a well known tax Haven that Romney used as well, records show.. That was the same year he wrote in the Huffington Post that the IRS should audit every Fortune 500 company because so many appear to be "evading taxes through transfer pricing and offshore tax havens."

In a phone interview Wednesday, Grayson said the funds were incorporated in Grand Cayman at the advice of an attorney he declined to name. It was a vehicle for foreign investors to invest in his funds while limiting their tax liabilities, he said, but no money had been invested in them yet.

"There are no investors in those funds or that fund as the case may be," said Grayson, who said he thought only one fund was incorporated in the Caymans.

"When I set up my investment funds I set it up like everyone else," Grayson said, complaining about the Tampa Bay Times looking for "some stupid, bull---- story. ... You want to write sh-- about it, and you can't because not a single dollar of taxes has been avoided," he snapped.

Grayson's financial disclosure statements indicate he has between $5-million and $25-million invested in the Grayson fund, and he lists no income from it.

Asked whether it was appropriate for a member of congress and potential U.S. Senator to set up an investment fund with an eye toward soliciting foreign investments in the future, Grayson scoffed.

"Are you f------- kidding? I set up a fund that might solicit foreign investors....I have no present intention of soliciting foreign investors," he said. "Your perception issue is bull----."

"This is even worse than Grayson's girlfriend might run for congress 18 months from now," referring to a recent Politico story attributed to no named sources. "This is a whole nother level of bull----....Are are you some kind of sh-----g robot? You go around sh----g on on people?"

Grayson said he is "probably going to run" for the U.S. Senate and will make a final decision within 60 days. Every time "some bull---- artist calls you up and tries to stick a knife in my gut" makes him more inclined to run, he added.
Grayson's investments have made him one of the richest people in congress but thanks to his annulment actions it is reported that his estranged wife and children have turned to government food stamps to support themselves.

Welcome Home Crazy Al we missed you.

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