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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Video: Chris Christie's Rousing Speech-->But Will It Help?

If this speech was given in 2012, my reaction would have been what a cool speech, Chris Christie is going to blow into the lead. It was a great speech. He re-introduced himself to the United States, told everyone he will say what he thinks, that he is willing to make the tough choices, it was pure Christie.
“I am now ready to fight for the people of the United States of America,” Christie said at the gym of his former high school in Livingston, New Jersey. “I mean what I say, and I say what I mean, and that’s what America needs right now.”
On the other hand talk is great, but I just cant see how he can get around the fact that the NJ economy is in the crapper. How its Standard & Poor ratings have been downgraded 3x since he became governor.  Maybe there is a good explanation for that. His approval rating as a governor has fallen to 30% driven by Dems (17%) and Independents (23%). His approval rating was 77% after his reelection. Granted some of that loss was because he was unfairly blamed for "bridgegate." But his approval was in the 60% range most of last year after the scandal broke.

In other words the governor is a great retail candidate, but it will be very hard to get beyond his numbers in his own state.

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