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Monday, April 16, 2007

Yom Ha Shoah: Six Million Stories

We tend to talk about the victims of the Shoah in the context of a community of Six Million. But that Dehumanizes them. Among those slaughtered by the Nazi's were mothers worrying about their children's Homework, Young girls who had crushes on young boys, young boys who cared more about soccer than young girls. Rabbis who taught, Fathers who worked hard to see that their kids had everything. There are six-million individual stories in the holocaust, only part of each of those stores involves how they died. The Important part of each of those stories is how they lived and how we are ALL so much poorer because if it. That's why Yad Vashem and other Holocaust Museums are so very important, They help us remember their LIVES as well as how they died.

The Below is a family Album given about a month agoto
Pini Beeri and Riki Ariel, the sons of Pearale Boden Berezowsky, who was one of two siblings to survive the Holocaust. The Album was found by workers who were demolishing their childhood home in Poland. It was given to a history teacher who contacted the sons were traced through the database at Yad Vashem. They delivered the book of family pictures to their mother, six hours before her death.

Today they were printed in Ynet News

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