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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


GROW UP and Get over it. Unless they changed the constitution while I was having my Cheerios this morning, President Bush isn't running. You can't vote against him anymore. Florida was almost eight years ago----MOVE On (no pun intended)

Maybe if you have a cup of decaf, a Valium and take a nap you will feel better afterwards.

The freeking
article about the Methodists was an attempt to be fair to OBAMA. If you read the set up instead of rushing to protect the Junior Senator from New York you would have understood that. I didn't mention BUSH Because the article was about those who were running.

But if you read this blog regularly, not just when you saw a Democrat's name in the title--you would know that I have been beating up on Bush because of his middle east policy for a year now.

If you allowed comments on your blog like I do, I would have answered you that way, but since you don't I am forced to respond in the same silly way you spoke to me-- with a post. Thats not how adults talk but if you wish, so be it.

1 comment:

AS said...

Good for you. He'll never change his colors though that just how he's part of his name he's a crier :)