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Friday, September 25, 2009

NBC Producer to Americans For Limited Govt->BITE ME JEWBOY !!!

Yesterday the Folks at Americans for Limited Government emailed a mass press release to media folks all over the country it was entitled ALG Calls on Congress to "Put Up or Shut Up" on Defunding ACORN. it was nothing frothing crazy, it was a simple case of reviewing the latest scandal news about ACORN and calling on both houses of congress to follow through on their recent votes to cut all of federal funds to the criminal enterprise disguised as a charity. Like all standard press releases, this one ended with contact information, Interview Availability: Please contact Alex Rosenwald to arrange an interview with ALG President Bill Wilson.

One of those press releases crossed the desk of Jane Stone a producer for NBC’s Dateline. This is the email that was returned back to Alex Rosenwald, the ALG Director of Media Outreach. She replied with a simple phrase, "Bite Me Jew Boy!" (See below).

Jane Stone is of course denying that she is the one who sent it, according to Net Right Nation.  NBC is now playing defense from the anti-Semetic Jane Stone e-mail, of course blaming Americans for Limited Government
From Politico:

NBC News president Steve Capus fired back at Americans for Limited Government Friday, after the conservative group published an email allegedly from NBC producer Jane Stone to its director of media outreach Alex Rosenwald, with one line: “Bite me Jew Boy.”

“I’m still in shock, and outraged that this reckless organization would go out with such a defamatory, irresponsible statement,” Capus told POLITICO. “We have done a complete email analysis, all of our IT, all of our records.”

Here’s what both sides agree on: Stone responded yesterday to a mass email from ALG.

But Stone’s response email—provided to POLITICO—did not have any anti-Semitic comment. In fact, it had just one line: “Take me off this list!” (There are also subtle differences, including number of dashes, between the two emails).

“Somebody, on the other end, I’m assuming, took the return stamp from the email and then put in this hateful message,” Capus said. “I don’t know who did it. It’s outrageous to suspect that somebody from NBC News would do it.”

Bill Wilson, President, Americans for Limited Government responded:
September 25th, 2009--Americans for Limited Government is appalled that an employee of the NBC news network apparently felt it was appropriate to send an email to an ALG employee, in response to a standard news release, saying, “Bite me, Jew Boy.”

According to ALG records, the email came from the Blackberry and email address of Jane Stone, a producer for NBC’s Dateline. The email was sent to Alex Rosenwald, the ALG Director of Media Outreach. The news release to which Ms Stone apparently responded was one in which ALG called upon Congress to defund ACORN.

Americans for Limited Government does not contend that NBC or its parent company GE, are anti-Semitic. What is highly disturbing, however, is that there clearly is a culture at NBC that has allowed this person who clearly has issues to go unchecked. Ms Stone claims she did not send the offensive email. If that is not the case, we at ALG call upon her to help ascertain who did send it using her Blackberry and her email address. If Ms Stone did, in fact, send it, we at ALG call upon Ms Stone to apologize to Mr. Rosenwald, and we call upon the NBC hierarchy above Ms Stone to join her in issuing that apology.
 Is NBC Anti-Semitic? Well lets just say that you couple their reaction to this incident with the fact that NBC News also employs Pat Buchanan, an anti-Semitic Holocaust Denier, and when President was at Buchenwald a few months ago, it was NBC's Tom Brokow who compared Israel to the Nazi's . It can't be said that they are insensitive to all bias, MSNBC was the first to fire Don Imus after his racist comment a few years back.  It seems to this observer that anti-Semitism is just fine with NBC Management.

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Findalis said...

To hell with an apology. Fire the bitch now! She wrote the email.