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Monday, January 11, 2010

Dodd Warns Obamacare is Hanging By a Thread (Anybody Got A Scissor?)

Chris Dodd ever the dutiful democrat is working hard to  push through Obamacare despite his retirement announcement and opposition to the plan through out the state. Of course this legislation is diametrically opposed to the best interests of his home state, as Connecticut is home to many insurance companies.  Dodd's health care plans may be a death knell to a major industry in his home state further alienating voters from the Senator.

Dodd was on CNBC today and gave some answers that reveal why he was in trouble in the polls before he "was retired"
Health care reform is "hanging on by a thread," and one or two votes could determine the outcome of the heavily-debated bill, Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd told CNBC Monday.

Well that's something we all knew after all it just passed by the skin of its teeth in each house of congress.

"Everyone feels, I guess, to some degree who have been for this, that they would have liked something different, and that's not uncommon when you're considering an issue of this magnitude," Dodd said.
The Senator is saying that everyone hates this bill, and he is about to help ram it through congress....and that's OK? If everyone hates it, than shouldn't everyone vote against it?
Some progressives, for example, are disappointed that the Senate bill, unlike the House version, does not include a public option, he said. Senators Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas are two people who voted for the bill in its original form and are now carefully watching what changes are being made.
President Obama's administration has come under fire lately for putting too much emphasis on health care reform, causing many to question whether Democrats will retain their majority control come November. But Dodd, who is retiring this year, said it's an issue that needed to be dealt with — otherwise it would "strangle our economy," he said.

"If this is all about surviving politically, then we're missing the whole purpose of what we're supposed to be doing," he said.

The point the future ex-Senator is missing is the whole purpose of what they are supposed to be doing.  They are supposed to be serving the will of the people. The fact that Obamacare is damaging people politically means the people don't like the plan, yet Dodd and his progressive compatriots are pushing it through anyway.

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