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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama Tried to Humiliate Netanyahu During His White House Visit

The President's treatment of Israeli Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu was worse than first advertised.

In a disgusting display of arrogance, and hatred of Israel, Barack Obama, the same man who continues to extend his hand out to despots such as Ahmadinjad, shares a laugh with dictators such as Chavez and bows to the King of the repressive Saudi regime, did everything but smack the face of our ally, Israeli Prime Minister in the face when he visited the White House on Tuesday night.

According to a report in the UK Telegraph, Netanyahu arrived at the White House on Tuesday evening brimming with confidence that the worst of the crisis in his country's relationship with the United States was over. The President immediately thrust a list of 13 demands into the Prime Minister's face,which included extension of the freeze on Jewish settlement growth beyond the 10-month deadline next September, an end to Israeli building projects in east Jerusalem, and even a withdrawal of Israeli forces to positions that they held before the Second Intifada in September 2000, after which they re-occupied most of the West Bank.

After after a short negotiation period, the POTUS abruptly stood up and said "I'm going to the residential wing to have dinner with Michelle and the girls." I'm still around, Let me know if there is anything new."With that he left.

The leader of the only democracy in the Middle East and a major supplier of military technology to the United States,  Benjamin Netanyahu was left to stew in a White House meeting room for over an hour.

This display of rudeness is almost expected from the President who throughout his career (except when he was running for President)has displayed nothing but disdain fro the Jewish state. This show of disrespect marked a fresh low in US-Israeli relations and appeared designed to show Mr Netanyahu that Israel is expected to become a complete vassal of the Obama administration.
For over an hour, Mr Netanyahu and his aides closeted themselves in the Roosevelt Room on the first floor of the White House to map out a response to the president's demands.

Although the two men then met again, at 8.20 pm, for a brief second meeting, it appeared that they failed to break the impasse. White House officials were quoted as saying that disagreements remained. Shimon Peres, the Israeli president, added: "Apparently they did not reach an understanding with the United States."
"There is no humiliation exercise that the Americans did not try on the prime minister and his entourage," Israel's Maariv newspaper reported. "Bibi received in the White House the treatment reserved for the president of Equatorial Guinea."
Another Paper reported that, the Israelis decided that they could not trust the phone line they had been lent. Mr Netanyahu retired with his defense minister, Ehud Barak, to the Israeli Embassy to ensure the Americans were not listening in.

This entire crisis was orchestrated by the Obama administration in an attempt to Isolate Israel both in the United States, and the rest of the world.  Before the Obama administration took office, Israel was building housing units in existing East Jerusalem and West Bank communities AND negotiating with the Palestinians. Only after Obama made it an issue did the President Abbas, the "Moderate" Terrorist who runs the Palestinian Authority, demand the stoppage of all settlement building as a pre-condition to negotiations.

Noteworthy is the fact that Democratic party "supporters" of Israel continue to be silent as their President continues in his quest to feed Israel to her neighbors the same way Great Britain fed Czechoslovakia to the Russians and Germans almost 75 years ago. Israel, however is not Czechoslovakia and will not allow herself to be torn apart by this President, nor his wimpy followers in Congress.


GiliaR said...

Sammy - thanks for keeping us updated on this situation....something that the lamestream media refuses to do.


We must daven that HBH does not hold the American people liable for this arrogant moron.