Heading up a Middle Class Task Force roundtable discussion on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden said that one of the benefits of the $787 billion stimulus package signed into law in February is that it has generated new ideas for dealing with economic problems, including unemployment.

Biden said he and Melody Barnes, White House Domestic Policy Council director, have talked at length about ways to “generate new ideas about how to deal with future employment needs,” Biden said. “We have new ideas about how to spend government money wisely.”
On this one,the SCHMOTUS may be correct on, we did learn new Ideas about how to spend government money wisely. The most important idea was not to waste $800 Billion dollars on a pork-laden stimulus bill.
He said that there was “virtually no fraud” associated with the spending so far of the billions allocated for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The government, according to recovery.gov, has distributed just over one half of the $787 billion.
ONLY ONE HALF?  Its been 16 months,what ever happened to shovel-ready?
“I might add, I’m very proud to say, that’s there’s been virtually no – knock on wood – virtually no fraud associated with the $787 billion program overall,” Biden said as he banged his fist on the table and against his head.
Bank that hand against the table Joe, but not on your head. Because your claim about everything being "Kosher" proves that your brain is having some issues so you might not want to do more damage.

This past December, Tom Coburn and John McCain issued a report of the 100 Dumbest Porkulus Projects which showed that:
.....billions of dollars of stimulus funding have been wasted, mismanaged, or directed towards silly and shortsighted projects. Many projects may not produce the types of jobs that most Americans had hoped for or expected.
Some of the close to seven billion dollars in projects in Stimulus Checkup create few jobs; benefit private interests over the public good; or make improvements where they are not necessary. Some send money to companies facing fraud charges. Others take millions of dollars to do work local officials and experts admit are not needed or will not help.
As congress criticizes perks in corporate America we find out that: 
Stimulus money has been, or will be, spent on dinner cruises, golf courses, puppet shows and stimulus road signs. Many Americans will question whether investing $787 billion in these projects are the highest national priorities.
Spending $25,000 for a puppet show may not seem like a big deal in Washington, for most Americans it is a lot of money. Washington, D.C. politicians blithely spend billions of dollars a week, but every dollar wasted is also a dollar borrowed—and a dollar to be paid back with interest in the future. It might not meet the legal definition of fraud, but it does show that the  SCHMOTUS is either uninformed, lying to the American people or losing  touch with reality.