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Friday, June 25, 2010

Gallup: US Conservative Movement Continues to GROW

Obama's detractors can no longer say that the President has failed to achieve anything positive in his 16 months in office. Thanks to Obama's progressive policies, Amercan is more of a right of center country than ever before.

According to the Gallup organization 42% of Americans now describing themselves as either very conservative or conservative, up from 37% in 2008 before Obama took office and more than double the 20% that Identify themselves as liberal.

Political Ideology -- 2010 Half-Year Update (1992-2010 Trend)

These numbers are a mid-year snapshot, but if that figure holds for the entire year, it would represent the highest annual percentage identifying as conservative in Gallup's history of measuring ideology (since 1991).

If you look at the numbers what seems to have happened is that since Obama took office, some liberals moved to the moderate line and moderates became conservative.

2000-2010 Political Ideology Trend -- Among Democrats

Taking a look at the ideology numbers on a party by party basis, the Democratic party seems to be moving slightly toward polarization as the moderate number is down and the conservative and liberal ideology numbers are slightly up (but the conservative growth is slightly higher than the liberal).

The GOP numbers show the Republican party numbers remain constantly Conservative and the moderate figures remain unchanged.

2000-2010 Political Ideology Trend -- Among Republicans

What perhaps is the biggest warning to the Democrats in the mid-term elections is the trend among independents, since Obama was elected,the number of independents who classify themselves as moderate has fallen from 46 to 41% and the ones who call themselves conservative has grown from 30 to 36%.

2000-2010 Political Ideology Trend -- Among Independents

America has always been a Center-Right country. Because of the failure of the GOP to stick to Conservative Principals during the Bush administration there was a move toward the Democratic party in the early part of the last decade.  Obama was elected because of Change, but he was also elected because he promised many of the same policies as a traditional conservative, like being fiscally responsible. But the extremism of the Obama Administration has caused much of America to come to its senses and realize that it was all a ruse. Hopefully they will remember that in November.

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