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Sunday, June 20, 2010

US Terror Group CAIR Makes Excuses For Imam Who Molested Boy

There are few things more evil than a religious leader who molests children. Yasser Mohamed Shahade is that kind of evil. On Thursday, he was sentenced to ten years probation and designation as a sex offender after pleading guilty to molesting a boy in his mosque.

US Terrorist group The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) says the Imam is innocent, he only pleaded guilty because a Muslim cannot get a fair trail in the US.

Unfortunately for Mr. Shahade the facts tell a different story.

He entered the United States on a visitor's visa to serve as a full-time imam, or Muslim prayer leader, at a local mosque, Masjid Omar Al Mokhtar, just north of Kennedy Boulevard near downtown Tampa. About two months later, police arrested him after a teen boy who stayed overnight at the mosque with his younger brother said the imam had sexually assaulted him.

Shahade faced 15 years in prison if convicted of sexual battery on a minor. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of lewd and lascivious behavior, expecting to be deported and released in Egypt, according to Charles Traina, an attorney for the Hillsborough County Public Defender's Office, which represented him.

Reached by phone Thursday, the boy's father said he was happy with the outcome, which ensures that another child in the local Muslim community would not suffer the fate of his son.

The St. Petersburg Times is withholding the father's name to protect the victim's identity.

He said his son has been seeing a psychologist regularly since the incident and will continue to do so for a while. The father said his family has forgiven Shahade, adding that his actions have brought shame to the cleric's family — a wife and two daughters, who live in Egypt.

"Had this man been innocent he would never plead to anything," the father said. "I knew he was guilty all along."
 Ah...but CAIR doesn't:
Ramzy Kilic, director of the local chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, a civil rights advocacy group, said the Muslim community appears divided on the subject of Shahade's guilt.

"We'll never know all the details," Kilic said. "He may have made that plea deal because he didn't think he would have a fair trial. That doesn't necessarily mean he was guilty."

Still, Kilic said, if Shahade had been found guilty after a trial, it would have been "a huge shame."
You notice that CAIR this supposed civil rights group doesn't give a rats arse about the Muslim boy who was molested?  That's because CAIR doesn't care about human rights, they care about promoting "the image" of Islam in America, to keep pubic opinion on its side as it tries to advance the infiltration of sharia into American society.


C. A. Y. said...

If this was a Catholic priest it would be all over the media.

Unknown said...

It is a commonplace that Islam was spread by the sword. But what keeps it going strong? Violence and sexual abuse against children would be a fair guess, supported by heaps of anecdotal evidence passim.