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Monday, January 17, 2011

Note To Media Matters Thank You For Reading My "Sloppy Harangue"

Dear Media Matters

Thank you for reading my last two contributions to Big Journalism, especially the one your blogger  Simon Maloy described as below
Yesterday at Breitbart's BigJournalism, Jeff Dunetz served up yet another badly premised, nigh unreadable piece on the many outrageous evils of the "progressive media," which on its own is hardly worth mentioning. But there was one passage in Dunetz's sloppy harangue that indicates the high level of unseriousness we're dealing with here:
The piece was called A Modest Proposal to End The Progressive Media Tuscon Hate Talk, it was a tongue in cheek satire, so I assume when you Simon said unseriousness (which by the way is not a word that appears in the dictionary) he was indicating that he understand the article was meant to poke fun at the progressive war campaign to tone down the rhetoric (on the conservative side only).

Simon the Media Matters blogger seemed to have a problem with this paragraph of the whimsical suggestions I give to end the progressive media hate talk about the Tucson shooing:
Israeli settlements (or the Jews) – Israel is a favorite target of the progressive mainstream media. For example the New York Times,Washington Post and LA Times are famous for their anti-Israel bias. To mix things up a bit, they can blame the Jews too. Progressive media are famous for their attacks on Jews also. MSNBC commentator Pat Buchanan, for example, is a Holocaust revisionist who opposed did not support the Kagan nomination because it would put too many Jews on the Supreme Court (he also complained that there were too many Jews in the Senate).
The paragraph was about progressive media, the fact that MSNBC exploits the venom of a man who was thrown out of the mainstream conservative movement for, among other things being an anti-Semite does not change the fact that the progressively biased MSNBC continues to employ this hater as a political analyst.

There is something I am not clear about, you guys at Media Matters did understand that this was a satire right? I assumed when you read the paragraph  suggesting that Loughner went crazy because American Idol was not very good last year you would have figured that out.  But reading the post on the Media Matters site....well I can't be sure.

By the way, some of the Media Matters readers wondered why didn't I offer any proof when I suggested the New York Times,Washington Post and LA Times are famous for their anti-Israel bias. Next time you quote me, allow me to suggest that you also copy the hyperlinks since each one of those newspaper names link to a database of the particular paper's reporting that was biased against Israel. The database was put together by CAMERA. Oh and by the way the hyper-linked text are the words in blue that are underlined. I just want to make sure that you knew that because I am still not sure you guys knew that the story was a satire.

If you want more examples of the progressive media's proclivity toward Antisemitism allow me to suggest you make Huffington Post Monitor a daily read, it will open your eyes. PS, just so you know their stuff is not satire.

Oh one more thing in my usual sloppy harangue a little over a month ago I wrote an article for Big Journalism called Did Something Bad Happen to Media Matters or Are They Just World-Class Hypocrites?

While some of it was also tongue in cheek, in the piece I wondered why an organization such as Media Matters, so anxious to go after Glenn Beck with false charges of Antisemitism, was so silent when Helen Thomas repeated her hate speech at a dinner in Dearborn in December. After all If Media Matters wanted to use Mr. Soros' money to protect the Jews, shouldn't you be protecting us from Ms Thomas also?

But in the end that is not why I am writing. I am not going to complain or get angry, the Jets beat the Patriots today and all is good with the world.

My purpose is to thank you for reading, even though you feel it is unreadable. I appreciate all readers even the negative ones, and hope to have you bashing my stuff well into the future. I will in the future indicate when an article is a satire, to make it easier for you guys to "get it." Don't thank me, lets just say it is in honor of the President's recent speech asking everybody to tone things down.

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I would like to issue a big, fat, sloppy Razzzzzzzzzzberry to the girlie men at Media Matters! It's Sunday night, MMers! Time for your weekly jammie-change!