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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

50 Reasons Why It's Stupid To Continue To Doubt Obama's Birth or His Education

Can you believe it?  President Obama released the long form birth certificate this morning, and it isn't over. There still people who don't believe the released birth certificate is real.  Apparently if you have Adobe Acrobat and look at the PDF of the long form certificate and right click, with your left foot off the ground, while chewing on a Ritz Cracker and whistling the theme song from the old Barney Miller TV show, the birth certificate will reveal that the real Paul McCartney was killed in a car accent in 1968 and for the past 43 years we have been rocking to Wayne Newton's unknown brother Fig.

Of course, Donald Trump took all the credit, “I am really honored and I am really proud, that I was able to do something that nobody else could do,” Of course he forgot to mention the fact that two days before he told Anderson Cooper that a believable source who he could not name told him that the birth certificate was missing. I guess it got "un-missing" Mr. Trump.

And like the person who wins the lottery but complains that his take was only a few hundred million Trump isn't done. In his next breath, Trump declared that Obama needs to release his Occidental College school records, to dispel rumors that he was a bad student who did not deserve a transfer to Columbia University,or his acceptance to  Harvard Law School.
“How do you get into Harvard if you are not a good student?” Trump said. “I don’t know why he doesn’t release his records.”
Oh Puleeze.  Who Gives a flying Frisbee!

This nonsense is a losing issue that will do nothing but alienate the moderate voters who are needed to beat Obama in the 2012 election.  That is the objective--Nobama!

But I want everyone to know that I can compromise, I am willing to join the side of the tin-foil hat crowd, but only after we are done bashing the president on the following real issues (in no particular order) which have a much more urgent priority:

  1. Obamacare
  2. Drill Here Drill Now
  3. High Taxes
  4. High Deficit
  5. Gun Control
  6. Unemployment
  7. China our arses
  8. Oil Prices are too high
  9. Lousy Relationship With Europe
  10. Appeasing Terrorists
  11. Protecting the Borders
  12. Enforcing the Law the same way for Caucasians and members of the New Black Panther party.
  13. Enforcing the Law against ACORN
  14. Enforcing the Law against CAIR
  15. The Pigford Scandal
  16. Favoring Muslims Over Christians and Jews
  17. The Stupid War in Libya
  18. Leading From the Back
  19. Energy Taxes
  20. Giving Money To Brazil To Drill For Oil
  21. Treating Our Ally Israel Like a Rogue Nation
  22. Federal Funding For Abortion
  23. Ending Subsidies for Big Oil
  24. Not Ending Subsidies For Electric Cars
  25. Not Ending Subsidies For Farmers Who Don't Farm
  26. Not Ending Subsidies For Ethanol
  27. The Wasteful Stimulus Bill
  28. Cap and Trade
  29. The EPA's Regulation of Exhaling (CO2)
  30. The FCC's Attempt to Take Over The Internet
  31. Favoring Unions over The General Public
  32. Getting Involved With Local (Wisconsin) Issues
  33. Telling a Guy With 10 Kids To Buy a New Fuel Efficient Car And Then Using Air Force One to Fly to Chicago (on our dime) Simply to Appear on Oprah
  34. Forcing All Stimulus Construction Contracts to be Granted to Union Shops or to Shops That Raise Their Wages/Benefits to a Union Level Even Though Only 14% of Construction Companies Are Union--Causing a 20% Increase In The Cost To The American Public
  35. Being the Most Divisive "Unifying" President in the HistoryT of America
  36. Lying About His Health Plan Not Forcing People To Change Insurance Providers
  37. Lying About His Promise For A Transparent Presidency
  38. Having Different Rules for Syria and Libya
  39. Announcing The War On Libya and Instead of Staying In Washington to Show Support for the Troops in Harm's Way, running off to Brazil With Your Family Before The Ink Was Dry on The Orders
  40. Not Meeting With General McChrystal When He 'Was Formulating Strategy in Afghanistan, But Hosting Richard Trumka Over and Over
  41. QE 2
  42. The Auto Bailout
  43. Your Half of the Banking Bailout
  44. Ignoring the BP Disaster for the First Two Months
  45. Refusing The Offers of Allies to Help With The BP Disaster Until The Public Complained
  46. Going Against Honduras When They Tossed Their President, Even Though Honduras was Following Their Constitution.
  47. John Holdren, Science Czar
  48. Cash For Clunkers
  49. Trying to Intimidate Insurance Companies When They Told The Truth About Obamacare
  50. Bashing The Chamber of Commerce For Exercising Their Right to Free Speech While Being Silent About Government Unions Spending As Much or More on Campaign Donations as the Chamber
These are the first fifty that come to mind, given the time I could come up with another 50 at least (I thought of another ten in the two minutes since I stopped listing), but it is getting close to dinner and I am pretty hungry.

The point is that some of the above are very important, some are not so important, but all of them are more important than the birther, education or any of the tin foil hat issues.  All of them are more likely to sway voters away from supporting Obama than the tin foil hat issues.

So if you don't believe that the birth certificate is real, or you think he lied about his education fine. But realize that what you are really saying is that you do not want Barack Obama to be President. The best way to make that happen is to pick out one of the real issues above, or the other fifty real issues that come to mind, anything but these silly distractions.

I understand that you may believe that this is an issue of constitutionality, honesty, morality or even chastity but we need to keep our eyes on the believable issues to win the real prize, a new President in 2012.

UPDATE: Some people are claiming that the fact that you can take today's birth certificate and split it into layers using Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat means its fake. PJ Tatler explains why this too is nonsense.


ron8072 said...

And of all 50 of your reasons his constitutional legitimacy due to his birth is not listed? How about if he is an illegitimate poser in our house? Should we not be able to do away with all your "supposed" 50 legitimate questions? Call me a "tin hat fool". I can wear that moniker. Proudly.

10ksnooker said...

But how do you square the real issue -- Not whether he was born in Hawaii, he was. The Constitution requires that the person for president be a natural born citizen. That is one who is born in the USA to parents who are at time of birth both US citizens.

Looks like his pappy was born in Kenya, with no record of his ever becoming a US citizen before returning to Kenya.

Therefore Obama does not qualify. Tell me where I went wrong?

Anonymous said...

Read the 14th Amendment. Discuss.

Anonymous said...

Yid: AY. MEN.