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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Fox Google Debate-Who Won-Who Lost-Who Hates That New Sound

After taking a detour to MSNBC and CNN, tonight conservatives and Republicans across the country found themselves back in familiar territory... FOX. This time the format was different, more questions from the voters, and those questions were actually voted on by the public. As expected the moderators tried to spark battles between the two front runners and it worked. Lets dive into to the debate top lines.
  • Biggest Loser-That's easy,  that new sound for going over your allotted time.  Every time I heard that dammed thing I kept looking at my PC trying to figure out why I was getting an error sound.  Please guys go back to the door bell sound, maybe it will help Gary Johnson with his neighbors dog.
  •  Most Tiresome Exchange- The first spat between Romney and Perry, where one guy quoted the others book and the other retorted with "you read it wrong." Personally I skipped both those books. As a rule I skip political candidate's books preferring to get my political propaganda for free. But for those who want to pay for candidate's books I came up with an idea that was actually quoted by Politico:
Jeff Dunetz (@yidwithlid), of New York, said the sparring over Perry’s book, “Fed Up,” and Romney’s “No Apology,” gave him a new business idea.“Hey I think I am going to start an online business,” he tweeted. “The Perry/Romney book club.”
I appreciate the mention folks but next time could you link to the site and invite people to click on an ad or hit the tip jar?
Question Number 1: Why is it so hard for Mitt Romney to say these simple words, "Barack Obama is a socialist"? In 1996 he ran for the Illinois state senate on a the socialist "New Party" ticket that doesn't make him a conservative.
  • Rick Perry might have taken a giant step backwards tonight. This was his third debate, and if debates had the same "rules" as dating, on the big third date Perry would not be staying the night.  The last debate Perry was the target and held his own, this time it seemed that the Texas Governor made unforced errors.  When Perry and Romney were in the middle of the great book debate, I didn't really get the feeling that he really read the book.  Perry didn't seem to have a handle on his answers, he was fumbling around too much.  But that was just style, I think he lost big on his immigration answers. He may be right allowing Texas Illegals to go to collage but he is wrong for giving them a major discount. Governor Perry totally blew the question about Pakistan losing control of its nukes to terrorist's.  Well I think he blew seemed like rambling and in the end I had no real idea what he said. he got one of those 3 a.m. calls telling him that Pakistan lost control of its nuclear weapons to the Taliban.  Oh and that nice quote he gave from that woman with Cervical Cancer? It turns out he met with the woman AFTER he made the executive order. And what was with that feeble line about mating Cain and Gingrich, I am going to have nightmares.
Question Number 2 When Michele Backmann tries to push her way into questions she wasn't asked, why don't the moderators tell her to wait for her turn.
  • Mitt Romney I am not a big fan of Mitt, but he was the clear winner tonight. He looked Presidential, deflected most attacks with humor, and won most of the exchanges with Governor Perry. I also believe that tonight he gave his best answer ever to the Romneycare attacks, adding I made some mistakes to his usual states rights answer. Warning!  Gov. Romney shouldn't talk about others being "flip-floppers" that's the teapot calling the kettle black.
Question Number 3  Doesn't Herman Cain understand is that the Dems will turn his 999 upside down making it the 666 plan. That may make some of my Christian friends a bit nervous. 
  • Newt Gingrich- Once again he proved himself to be Brilliant. He also proved himself to be totally humorless with his arrogant refusal to answer the stupid VP question. Come on Newt, it was a puff question, you could have said everyone is qualified an that was it. But you started out with a little "sermonette" about Newt don't play that. It just made you look stiff. 
Best Line of the night-Gary Johnson's line about his neighbor's dogs being the only ones creating shovel ready jobs.
  • Rick Sanatorum-Probably his best debate so far. He really lead the attack on Perry's immigration policy and forcefully criticized Huntsman's call to leave Afghanistan.  On the other hand his answer on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was...well confusing. 
Question Number 4-Why didn't the moderators ask Ron Paul the Israel question? He seemed to be chomping at the bit to blame the whole thing on the Joooooose.
  •  Jon Huntsman- I have to be honest after his first answer where he started with a cheesy sounding declaration of how wonderful his wife is, I forgot he was there. Well except for when Rick Santorum attacked him
Question Number 5- OK I know this is sexist because I am not commenting on the other candidates' outfits, but they were wearing dark suits. Am I the only one who thought that Michele Bachmann's red dress was hard on the eyes?  I kept imagining her putting on a green hat with a white fluffy ball at its tip and singing Christmas carols.
  • Ron Paul and Gary Johnson the only difference between the two is that Gary Johnson never published a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic newsletter.  I noticed another similarity between the two, they both seemed nervous.  Not scared-nervous, but Bruce Banner "I am about to snap and become a big crazy green monster" nervous. Speaking of that......
Duh Question of the Night: When Mike Wallace asked Ron Paul a question which basically said,  "Congressman do you REALLY believe that nutty stuff that comes out of your mouth?" Of course he does Chris, didn't you see the tin foil hat he wears?
  • Herman Cain-I wish each candidate had his sense of humor and joy for life that Herman Cain has. The story of his cancer survival was the emotional high of the night. His 999 plan is simple and popular,  even though it could lead to a disastrous combination of high income and high VAT tax.
Advice To Fox For The Next Debate: Fox did a good thing by trying the word clouds to see if they would work.  They didn't so please lose them.
  • Michele Bachmann- After the first debate I was a big Bachmann fan, now I just find her annoying. She seems to say the same thing over and over.  The Congresswoman had one excellent answer and on totally awful answer. The excellent answer was the revisiting of "What percent of my income do I deserve to keep question." She gave the answer the candidates should have given last time. They deserve to keep 100%, but they need to pay in something to help the country running. But her answer to the question about the charge that the Cervical Cancer shot caused Mental Retardation was awful, she failed to take responsibility for her own statement. When confronted with the fact that medical associations disputed that claim, Bachmann she was only passing along something that a woman told her. Well if she passed along info without knowing it was true she was being irresponsible. If she did think it was true, she should have stood up for it, rather than push it off to an anonymous woman.
As it is now 2am and I need to get up in four hours, I will leave things, at that....more tomorrow.
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