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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maxine Waters Leaks More Verbal Stupidity-The GOP is Using Obama For His Food

In Maxine Waters' warped mind there is nothing wrong with this country except for the fact that the GOP and the Tea Party movement exist. She believes that everybody has the right to HER opinion. After saying the Tea Party should go to hell, Obama's programs help white people too much today she said that the President wasn't doing enough to bash his opponents.  Especially since they have been stealing his food and they are trying to kill him.
“He’s been very nice about it,” Waters said of Obama’s budget negotiations with Republicans. “He’s been on the other side of the aisle talking with people. He’s invited them up to the White House to have beer. He’s invited them to come and watch the Super Bowl games.

“He’s done all of that, and when they eat his food and drink his beer and leave, then they go and try to kill him [on Capitol Hill],” she told an audience gathered for the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Foundation’s annual legislative conference in Washington.
Gee, what ever happened to the new tone? No one has said they want to kill the POTUS. On top of that the President serves a mean bean dip.
“You’ve gotta fight — you will not win this battle without fighting,” she added.
Waters and her fellow Democratic party members of the CBC are very upset they are not winning the class war.
Many House liberals have been disenchanted with Obama going back to December, when the president accepted GOP demands that the Bush-era tax rates be extended to even the wealthiest Americans — a provision strongly opposed by most Democrats.

The president drew similar liberal criticism this summer for backing enormous cuts in both a 2011 spending bill and legislation to raise the debt ceiling. More recently, some CBC members wondered aloud why Obama didn’t visit any urban areas on his August jobs tour through the Midwest.

....“We love the president. We want him to be successful,” Waters said. “But does he feel our pain? Does he understand what’s going on out here?”
Then she went after her favorite target
“We have got to show up. The Tea Party shows up. The Tea Party intimidates everybody,” she said. “We have to show people that we have no fear. Don’t mistake the silence for intimidation.”

Waters and her fellow progressives don't "get it." When they demonize the tea party, they demonize the American people. Because the polls show that American people support the tea party positions even when they don't support the tea party itself.

Allow me to suggest that Ms Waters may one day regret her attacks on grass roots America.

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