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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Julia's Son,"Barack Obama Ruined My Mother's Life"

I got a weird phone call this afternoon. It was from Zach NoPunim, he claimed to be the son of Julia, the woman whose life was described on Barack Obama's campaign web-site.

Zach was very angry---he claimed the President got his mother's story all wrong. He said Barack Obama ruined Julia's life.  Below is the story he told me:

Life of Julia

AND there's more: Heritage Has Created a Better Life for Julia it's a must read!


Unknown said...

I thought that Julia was Obama's girlfriend in college.

Tat said...

Don't believe Julia's son. He is a pathological liar raised to emulate the Great Leader of Obamastan. The only thing he told you that was true is the part about how Julia lost her face. After that, when she was 7 years old (before the USA collapsed and the Great Nation of Obamastan was born), one of those tonsil-stealing doctors the Great Leader warned us about mistook her leg for a tonsil and chopped it off. Then, when she was 8, she volunteered for the Great Leaders' Secret Service Army and Party Brigade and went off to fight in the GOP's War Against Women. Unfortunately, a GOP land mine got her other leg. Then shortly after The Great Affordable Care Act took effect, she got cancer of the arms. It was really sad that when the Great Leader presented her with many Medals of Honor for her service to Obamastan, it was after her armsectomy. Thanks to scientific advancement like armsectomies, Julia has lived a rich full, medically interesting life. Every day she praises the Great Leader and kisses her Medals.