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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obama Hasn't Received His Daily Economic Briefing Since April 2011

Something is missing. If you look at Barack Obama's calendar for 26th of April, 2011 you will see on his schedule at 10 AM "The President receives the Economic Daily Briefing," after that nothing. According to the daily schedule released by the White House, Barack Obama hasn't received his "daily" economic briefing for the past 15 months (The White House, Accessed 7/23/12).

Jay Carney was asked about it last June:
Q Just a quick follow-up. I feel like I missed this over the course of the last few months -- I might have been on vacation or something -- but when did the President stop doing the daily presidential economic daily briefing?

MR. CARNEY: I think it happens periodically --

Q But it used to be a daily thing with the PDB. I’m just curious when it stopped being a daily thing.

MR. CARNEY: I’ll have to go check. Again, it sort of happens occasionally, doesn’t happen all the time. And I think that was always the case, but I can check. I don’t have any scheduling changes to announce, but --

Perhaps that's why he hasn't met with his Jobs council in months, the President hasn't done his homework. The excuse his press secretary gives is the "the President has a lot on his plate."

Jay Carney is correct, Obama does have a lot on his plate, especially jobs and the economy which some economists say is slipping into another recession (at best we can say the economy is slowing down).

I have never been president, although I did once play one on stage. As an inexperienced observer it just seems the economy should the big thing on his plate,  (it's the number one issue to voters). If that's the case the man should be meeting with his jobs council and getting his daily economic briefing.

On the other hand I don't want to give the impression that Barack Obama has done nothing he's been very busy. Here is a list of some of his accomplishments.
  • Politifact: "The RNC Said That Over The Last Six Months, Obama Has Golfed 10 Times And Held 106 Fundraisers Even As His Jobs Council Didn't Meet Once. The RNC's Tally Is On Target. We Rate This Statement True." (Politifact, "Did Barack Obama Hold 100-Plus Fundraisers While His Jobs Council Never Met?," Politifact , 7/19/12)
But here is the really cool thing:
  • From Tinseltown to Broadway, Obama has surrounded himself with blockbuster names lately: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Spike Lee, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Cher and many others who make more in one year that most people do in a lifetime.
Obama played basketball with a Batman (Clooney) and a Spiderman (Tobey Maguire), all in one game. He held a private chat in Los Angeles with some of town's young stars last week, from Jessica Alba to Jeremy Renner. He has had some of the most popular musicians in the business perform at his fundraisers, such as Alicia Keys, Cee Lo Green, Dave Matthews and the Foo Fighters. For his gig with Obama, Jon Bon Jovi even caught a ride on Air Force One.
Say what you want about Barack Obama, but name one other President who has played basketball with Batman and Spider Man in the same game! 

So what if the economy is going to hell in a hand basket.  Who cares that this president isn't meeting with the his Jobs adviser or getting his daily economic briefing. This guy plays basketball with the stars. What else do could one want in a president?

1 comment:

Chris Tune said...

In order to get anything out of an economic briefing, first one would need to have a basic understanding of economics, and that requires a certain kind of mind. That kind of mind may very well not be the "community organizer" kind of mind, nor the mind of a veteran political campaigner.