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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weiner's Sexting Partner, Sydney Elaine Leathers Was an Obama Operative (+Pix Off Her Facebook)

At least he kept it all in the party. Buzzfeed claims to have identified the woman behind the most recent Anthony Weiner (Carlos Danger)  sexting scandal--A young progressive political operative identifying herself as “Syndney Leathers” or “Sydney Elaine”  who in actuality is  a 20-something Illinois woman who is involved in progressive politics and worked as a field organizer for Obama for America.

In 2011, she posted on her Facebook page that Weiner’s political record meant he could “continue sending dick pics every single day for the rest of his life.” In her statement to the Dirty, where the original images were posted, she said, “I don’t want the attention or I wouldn’t have kept my anonymity."  Allow me to suggest that her anonymity is over.

Buzzfeed’s side-by-side comparisons of TheDirty’s blurred photos and unblurred originals strongly suggest “Leathers” is Weiner’s correspondent.

Leathers” previously tweeted her support for Weiner on multiple occasions, even listing Weiner third on her list of “heroes,” which was topped by President Obama and included Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, and Charlie Sheen. When I went to "wayback machine"  to look for her website (it was taken down earlier today), her list of heroes was the only think that came up.

Below are some pictures I took off her facebook page. 


There is more at Buzzfeed

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Ray said...

She is cute. And he is not. Go figure.

Liptonius said...

Seems like a healthy, fun-loving girl. Bad taste and such, nice knockers.

But seriously, what kind of person would actually self-lubricate over someone calling himself "Carlos Danger"?

Clearly a gold-digging tramp.

Now, if he'd called himself "Optimus Schlong", I could respect her...