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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Charge: Pro-Iran Lobbyists Worked With WH To Produce Pro P5+1 Deal Letter By Former Generals

There is no end to what the Obama Administration will do to fool the American people into believing in the crap sandwich also known as the P5+1 Iran nuke deal.

On August 11th three-dozen retired Generals and Admirals released an open letter supporting the Iran deal, urging congress to do the same. What they forgot to mention is the entire letter was organized by the White House and the Admiral, who solicited the signatures works for Venable LLP, a law firm and lobbying group, with close ties to Pro-Iranian government groups.

The Free Beacon reported last Friday they obtained emails which proved the White House was behind the open letter.
Emails obtained by the Free Beacon indicate that the letter is part of a larger effort by the White House to consolidate support for the agreement. The administration is scrambling to hold on to congressional Democrats nervous about backing the deal. While 36 officers put their names on the letter, others balked when asked to participate.

James “Jamie” Barnett, a retired rear admiral who now works at the law firm Venable, drafted the letter. Barnett reached out to retired senior officers earlier this month, asking them to sign on and touting the White House’s involvement.

“I am working with the White House on a letter for retired General Officers and Flag Officers to sign, supporting the U.S.-Iran accord on nuclear armament,” Barnett wrote in an Aug. 4 email to one potential signatory. “Are you in a position, and of such a mind, to consider such a letter?”
Barnett now claims that the White House was not involved which means he lied to his colleagues when he said the White House was involved or he is lying now. Either way it's a lie he made as a retired admiral, which indicates a disrespect for the uniform he wore.

The former Admiral-turned liar probably withheld other information from his former colleagues, such as he was writing the letter as an employee of a Law/Lobbying firm which makes nicey-nice with the Supreme Leader's rogue regime.

According to an August 19th report by TownHall, the fibbing former Admiral is currently an employee of Venable LLP,  a firm who may reap financial rewards from the lifting of sanctions.

Venable  has ties with the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA), an Iranian-American interest group with its own  PAC which has publicly supported the deal The PAAIA is a public proponent of the Iran Deal, and even signed a joint statement with the National Iranian American Council, which has long established relations with the Iranian tyrants.

One of Venable’s Partners is Robert S. Babayi, who is also  co-founder of the Iranian American Bar Association (IABA). And the firm has lent is conference room, snack bar and other hosting niceties to the IABA for Iranian Americans living in or doing business in Iran, and what is legal under the sanctions. Babayi is also a U.S. Advisory Team member for IBridges, which is an organization that promotes high-tech entrepreneurship in Iran.

Another Venable lawyer also raises questions about the letter produced by the Admiral.  Majid Javedani-Tabrizi, identified in a 2013 article by Asharq Al-Awsat as a lawyer for Venable, is also the CEO of Sana Pardakhat, self-described as “the leading holding company in Iran with three wholly-owned subsidiary in IT and Telecommunication, Engine, and Health sector.”

The company Sana Pardakhat brought together Chinese and French investors (and $1.2 billion) to expand Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (KIA). Venable's Javdani told the Iranian press there would be no difficulty with the U.S. Treasury Department over the effort.

BTW KIA is run by the sanctioned Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has run KIA since  2004 when they sent in troops to seize it from a Turkish investment group. Since that time the IRGC has used the airport to smuggle “billions of dollars in ‘luxury goods, mobile phones and cosmetics’” violating the sanctions.

There's more in the Town Hall article. The bottom line is that this President will do anything to pass this flawed agreement with Iran. Even to the extent of getting an Admiral who would dishonor his service by lying to the American people (via the press) or lying to his fellow retired officers to promote a deal which endangers the future of the great country.

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