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Thursday, August 20, 2015

NBC News: Democrats Believe Clinton Staffers In Denial About Server Scandal

The scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton's server and emails (which some are calling wipe-water) continues to frighten fellow Democrats. On Thursday's Morning Joe,  NBC News reporter (yes that NBC News) Kristen Welker said many Democrats think the Hillary Clinton campaign is “in denial” over the severity of her private email scandal when she continually brushes off the controversy as a media-engineered, partisan witch hunt.

When Clinton was storming out of Tuesday's presser after Ed Henry asked her about the scandal, Welker asked her if she thought the email issue was going to go away for her campaign. Clinton replied with a wave, “Nobody talks to me about it other than you guys,” meaning the media.

On Morning Joe Welker said Clinton was wrong when she said voters didn’t care about her use of a private, unsecured server containing classified information while secretary of state.
“I think it is a legitimate story, and I don’t think it’s just a construct of the media or of the Republicans for that matter. Her response that this is something that we only ask about, that we only care about, just doesn’t square with the conversations that I have with voters, quite frankly. Independents, undecideds and yes, Democrats, who say they have questions about this. They want answers from her. 
I’ve been talking to some Democrats who say they’re worried that this is a campaign in denial about how serious this issue really is, and the fact that it is resonating with voters, and we’re seeing that of course bear out in some of these polls."
Bloomberg’s John Heilemann added that almost every Democratic voter asked him about the Clinton scandal when he was at the Iowa State Fair over the past week. They looked to him for information because they weren't getting any from the campaign. And added that potential Clinton supporters as “a little nervous, a little queasy” about the ongoing revelations compared to Sanders, who “seems clean.”

Through out her career Ms. Clinton has seen her her husband get in and out of scandals and believes that she is covered with Teflon like the former POTUS.  But she is forgetting two important points, even Bubba would fess up when he was caught red-handed. And more importantly, her husband is in a class by himself as a politician. Bill Clinton could bite his lower lip and say, "I feel your pain" and it was almost impossible to believe he was lying (even though he usually was). On the other hand Hillary is lower than average as a campaigner, she is simply not as likable as her husband so she must abide by the more "classic" rules of politics. It seems that the former FLOTUS, NY Senator and Sec. of State has forgotten the first rule scandal control, it's not the scandal that gets's the cover-up.

Watch the entire Morning Joe exchange below:

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