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Monday, April 30, 2007

Partial List of Great Winograd Posts: Please suggest more

Looking for some more great commentary regarding today's Winograd Report's release. Here is some good stuff that I read during lunch today. click on any of the links below--I will update this tonight so please email me with more suggestions:

Atlas Shrugs Sinking Israel - Within and out An underground missile city? More "diplomacy" from Peloshia's best pal, baby Bashar. It seems Israel is sinking under the dead weight of Abu Dana Olmert and her mortal enemies. I don't question Israel's ability to win, just the leadership's ability to pull the trigger.

Each Day on the Right Truth, my friend Debbie pulls together a posts from blogs across a specific theme or point that she wants to make. It is always brilliant--but yesterday's
Changes and war ahead for Israel was particularly so. I recommend that you take a read.

While Daled Amos is leafing through the entire 300 pages of the Winograd Report WHILE WAITING FOR MORE ON THE WINOGRAD REPORT...he noticed a couple of blogs linking to How Israel Bungled the Second Lebanon War, an essay by Efraim Inbar appearing in the Middle East Quarterly.

Yael of Boker Tov has a great post which dove-tails on the Winograd report when she talks about
Israeli deterrence

Israpundit has a great analysis of
The Winograd Report and Olmert’s Fate

Of course if you want to stay in the neigborhood you can find these report/ commentaries on this blog:

Winograd Released --See Summary Below

White House Making overtures to Iran Because Israel Lost in Lebanon?

Time For Olmert to act like a Hero

A Fresh Look at Golda Makes Olmert Look Worse

If you would like to make suggestions for this list please email me at Yidwithlid@AOL.COM and I would be most pleased to make additions to this post.

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