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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lid May Have To Close Soon--Please Hit The Tip Jar!!

2010 has been a successful year for "The Lid," we broke stories such as the recent Helen Thomas video as well as the one back in June, the J-Street tax return that proved that George Soros was funding the Anti-Israel group, the code-pink attempted attack on CPAC,  and the extent of the underfunding of union pension plans, just to name a very few.

I have expanded the reading base for the site by writing for all four Breitbart sites, Right Wing News, Red State, and Liberty Pundits, while continuing my association with Pajamas Media and American Thinker but through it all the number one priority and the first place scoops appear has been the Lid.

While I have added advertising to the site traffic is still not up to a level that will generate enough ad revenue to keep the site running as a full time endeavor (it up 50% vs this time last year and just during the past month has begun to be recognized by some big websites and news organizations).

While I continue to work on building traffic/ad revenue and search for some paid writing gigs, until, that happens, "The Lid" Needs to Raise Some Money To Keep Delivering the best Common Sense Political and Middle East News. 

To Put it Bluntly without Some capital I will have to close down in about three months. Man does not live by clicks alone and neither does his family.

I hate having to do this but, PLEASE, CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO THE TIP JAR (see the left hand column on the blog) so this blog can continue.

If only 1/4 of the 6,000+ regular readers of this make a donation of $36 dollars, it will generate enough revenue to allow me to keep "The Lid" going for at least the rest of 2011 as I continue to build the traffic, ad revenue and supplement the site with paid writing gigs. Any amount, however,  will be a big help!

If you are on the mailing list, or read via Networked Blogs. Please click here to get to the blog and make a donation. Thanks you so much for the support.


Left Coast Rebel said...

You do great work, I posted your request at LCR, hope some of my readers head over and help!

The Captain said...

It's a ZIONIST conspiracy I tell ya!!!

It's always the JEWS fault for making me donate. I have no willpower against their subtle psychological attacks.

It's just like their attack pigs!!!!

(donation accomplished!)

Dittos Rush! said...

Your site is one of great value and I hope you continue to write regardless of donations. Be encouraged and post on, things will turn around. After all, this is a highly competitive niche!

James aka "Dittos Rush"

rich said...

I link to your site often. I have a place on my site where you can place a free ad (see the right side on the homepage).

The site is still new so I dont get nearly as much traffic as you do but if it helps - that is why my site exists to drive trafffic to sites like yours. - the best conservative blogs