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Thursday, March 14, 2013

CPAC Confrontation--- How Many Black People Are Here?

Sometimes its hard to cover a story when you become the story.  Leaving the press area to explore, I found a tall African-American fellow/With a Camera Crew (Named Greg Thrasher) berating a young woman. At first I believed she was as CPAC Staffer, but having met her two days later I now know she is a twenty year old law student (and Judging by her intelligence probably a very good one).

 HOW MANY BLACK PEOPLE ARE HERE, he was shouting. The poor young lady was backed into an alcove as he continued.  You say you are trying to do outreach to minority community--HOW MANY BLACK PEOPLE ARE HERE!

Reacting more with anti-bully instincts than reporting ones, I screamed back at Thrasher, who writes at a liberal blog called Plane Ideas.
"Have you gone inside? There are plenty of black people here. In fact, I am doing volunteer work for a group here at CPAC which is run by a black guy.
How Many, he replied
The discussion was getting louder.
"I didn't count them.  They are all Americans..that's all that matters!  How many Jews inside"  was my reply. "How many Hispanics and Irishmen are here.  Why didn't you count them?"
I may have put him back on his heels because he responded, "I am a black Jew"
Well, Tsu gezunt fellow yid! That's when security came and tried to shepherd the bully and his film crew out.

Mr. Thrasher was not at CPAC to learn about what people were doing there, he came with pre-conceived ideas..he didn't even look inside...he showed and looked for someone to bully. Like most bullies he picked on someone weaker than he was, a woman who's job at CPAC was to give directions, to show people where the bathrooms were and ask guests if they needed anything.

CPAC is not about ethnicity or race.  When one submits their application for media credentials no picture is required.  For the conference guests...all that is needed is filling out a form and paying the money...there is no questions about Race, Religion or favorite flavor of Ice Cream.  It is a conference for ALL Americans who believe in a conservative political ideology.

Mr. Thrasher nothing but a bigoted bully.

While returning to the Media area a while later  I passed the berated Young Woman once again, which rekindled the anger I had over Mr. Thrasher's bullying.

  I came up to a toned-down Mr. Thrasher was still pontificating-I confronted him again...afterward Javier Manjerres editor of The Shark Tank questioned Thrasher.

The video of the second confrontation and the interview is below. When you watch the video pay close attention to the background and notice all the African-American CPAC attendees walking by:

Epilogue: Mr. Thrasher and I had a two months long email conversation and I believe I understand him much better now, and he understands me much better.  The argument turned out to be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Like I read on Twitchy this a.m., SXSW is whiter than white yet nobody is asking the hipsters where the minorities are hiding. Same could be said for Coachella or Burning Man or Lollapalooza or Bonaroo. On the other hand, not a lot of variety at BET or Vibe events either.

Laura said...

Hilarious - as he ranted about "Where are the black people" at least 1/2 dozen walked within view of the camera... all he has to do is open his eyes and look around!

PianoLessons said...

If only conservatives had the PR firms in charge forcing them to bus in certain colors for their conference.

If only conservatives could abandon ethics and morals and be - you know - as creepy scummy as our opponents.


Charles Conway said...

I'm a black jew, why are you yelling at me? THAT was his response? He was getting yelled at because he was making an ass out of himself. I guess he didn't bother to actually LOOK AROUND at the people who were attending... after all, that MIGHT have derailed his "moral outrage"... of course, his "moral outrage" sprung a leak when the video of him throwing a tantrum while the very people he claimed were being discriminated against walked by him completely unnoticed.

Debra Smith said...

@ Laura: So are you pretending that all the other black men in the video aren't security? Because that is pretty much what the situation was. The only other black guys in the video, were the security men escorting him out.

Thrasher said...

What I find some what interesting was how my mere simple question created such a frenzy with ' The Lid' and his comrades..

Negrophobia was clearly in the air... I have encountered this often in many venues. What is also interesting is how many random yahoos came out of the air to confront you when the disease of Negrophobia is in the air.

Notice how ' The Lid' displays this arrogance of entitlement he is has the privilege standing at his whim to confront a Black person any time he so desires .

Please note I will a link to the flyer I was distributing and circulating before the Negropobia took stage... Of course for me it was a cultural / racial occupational hazard:-)


Jeff Dunetz said...

The problem with your comment Mr. Thrasher is you're lying. You ignore the fact that the reason I got involved at all is that you were yelling a young CPAC staffer (who happened to be a person of color).

In other words your stop whining and tell the truth

Thrasher said...


I have no reason to lie I was engaged in a spirited discourse with a young black woman it was an exchange she started not me.

More importantly your intervention was out of order .Why did you do that ? Who gave you authority to confront me ? You were posturing like a yahoo out of the Jim Crow Era that would insult my parents.

Please explain yourself. Why were you out of control?

BTW please have the intellectual courage to post my flyer which explains my presence today and yesterday @ CPAC.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Why would I confront you? Because when I left the hall I saw tall guy yelling at a short girl.. You were bullying her. That's why I confronted you.

You were posturing like the Russian Cossacks who were attacking my grandparents.

And if you want to promote your flyer you have your own blog.

I assume by "Negrophobia" you mean I am afraid of Black people..If I was afraid I wouldn't have confronted you.

In his article Javier implied that you were a racist, I wont characterize you as one since I don't know what is in your heart. However you are a Racer, somebody who makes accusations of racism without cause.

Personally I find that repulsive, because the more you give someone that horrid label when it is unjustified you water down the effect of the label

Regular readers of this site know that I have attacked people for falsely using the term Anti-Semite ...because that label, like the label of racist should have the effect albatross around the neck of the hater. Someone like Ron Paul is a racist and I slammed him for it suggesting that he had no right to have. Someone like Al Sharpton who led two pogroms against the Jews in NYC is an anti-Semite and should be shunned by the President.

If you do come to CPAC tomorrow instead of standing outside, yelling at young ladies and handing out flyers try going inside see who is there what they say and how they say it before acting the part of a racer.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Oh and one more thing are you really Jewish?

Thrasher said...


The young lady's behavior was similar to yours she invited herself into my space with questions unlike you she was not confrontational . She was black like me and I do not bully black woman I have many in my life including a mother , wife, daughter and sisters etc .

What continues to trouble me is your arrogance and entitlement . Your opinions regarding me were wrong yet you refuse to have the personal integrity to admit it. Why?

I have no idea what a 'racer' is nor the orgin of said twisted term nonetheless my offer remains on the table. Jeff open up the door and invite me in!

Jeff Dunetz said...

I guess that's a difference between you and me. You don't bully Black Women--I don't bully ANY women and just like your mother, daughter, sister's etc. mine were too.

You are twice her size, she was backed into an alcove and looked scared. And when I confronted you about your divisiveness she was nodding her head agreeing with me.

A "Racer" is someone who makes false accusations of racism as a political tool--which is what you have done with both me and CPAC.

My invitation is still open. Instead of staying outside and making false accusations why not come inside and listen to what people are saying and how they say it---stop assuming what is in people's hearts and minds.

And you never answered me, are you really Jewish or were you being flippant?

Thrasher said...


I am glad to read like me you value and respect woman including Black woman in America contempt for Black woman has an ugly legacy . Tragically in our country impart because of our nation's tortured racial history the perception of Black males is jaded when we are expressive and animated it is perceived as negative and adversarial . Your interpretation of my interaction with this young Black woman suffered from this reality. I forgive you and I hope next time you will express a more matured reaction with Black males.

Please also be advised I have been to the convention every day and plan to return today. My offer remains on the table.

Jeff Dunetz said...

I value ALL people. I don't judge people on the color of the skin but how they act.

You keep saying you were AT CPAC--did you go inside and LISTEN?

I forgive you and hope next time you do not try to win over a young woman half your size through bullying.

Finally this is the third time I am asking said that you were Jewish...are you?

Thrasher said...


In chat forums I do not like to provide information on selected personal facts about me I have been on the end of lots of anger, threats etc

When we break bread together and share ideas and develop an authentic and sincere relationship I will then have no reservations in sharing personal data I am sure you can appreciate my thoughts on this .

I will say my repeated comments about being a Black Jew was my effort to diffuse and object to your confrontational antics by doing what many have done when people try to demonize a minority bandwidth in our nation. I am a Black Atheist .. I am a Black Gay... I am a Black Pagan... I am a Black Nanny etc..

See ya @ CPAC !!

Thrasher said...


I will hold you to your word and hope you will not engaged in the ugly cultural behavior of viewing all Black males in contempt as I posted earlier such a posture was a fixture was an ugly pathology of our nation's twisted racial legacy. Enough already of the Negrophobia .

Again I wil reiterate I have attended the convention every day not only do I listen I engage !!

With regard to your repeated question about my religion I ready addressed that with you in my previous post. Please revisit my post.

See you at the convention today where I plan to listen and engage :-)

Jeff Dunetz said...

Well Mr. Thrasher...I am a Jew and we are taught that all humans are made in the Image of God. That's why I judge people by their actions.

The main reason I was asking if you were really a Jew Is that at sundown yesterday our Sabbath began and I wanted to wish you a Gut Shabbos which is Yiddish (one of the languages of the Jewish exile) for have a good Sabbath

Thrasher said...


You appeared to be a learned man you of course understand the reality of being a Black person in our country no other racial collective has experienced slavery, segregation, lynching, castration , gerrymandering,racial profiling, disparate treatment, Jim Crow , Negrophobia , claims of genetic inferiority all manner of injustices and inequity and human depravity because I am a Black American. Surely you understand this truth so please disarm yourself let me in Jeff. Reach out :-)

Thrasher said...


I respect and acknowledge you above and beyond our shared religious beliefs .


Jeff Dunetz said...

And Peace Be With You Also

Overpaid said...

"SXSW is whiter than white yet nobody is asking the hipsters where the minorities are hiding."

SXSW isn't hoping to win national elections in the foreseeable future.