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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear Mr. Trump: PLEASE GO AWAY--You Hurt The GOP Chances For The White House

Donald Trump is looking for publicity again. The real estate mogul/reality television host trekked to Iowa this weekend, to speak at the evangelical Family Leader Conference.  And he told ABC News' This Week  he was willing to spend big on a presidential campaign if he decides to run for real this time.
“If I did it, I'd spend whatever it took,” Trump told ABC’s “This Week.”
While  "The Donald is promising  to spend what it takes, many Republicans are wondering what it will take to make Trump simply go away; at least thos who want to see a GOP-controlled White House in 2016.

If by some horrible unlikely twist of fate Trump does get the GOP nomination he would lead the party to the biggest loss in its history. Besides his silly belief in the birther conspiracy, until he decided to promote himself for political office Trump's positions were decidedly progressive:
  • "We must have universal healthcare": We must have universal healthcare. Our objective [should be] to make reforms for the moment and, longer term, to find an equivalent of the single-payer plan that is affordable, well-administered, and provides freedom of choice.  (Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.206-208 & 218)
  • Donald Trump favors a massive tax hike on Americans that would kill jobs and investment: I would impose a one-time, 14.25% tax on individuals and trusts with a net worth over $10 million. For individuals, net worth would be calculated minus the value of their principal residence. That would raise $5.7 trillion in new revenue, which we would use to pay off the entire national debt [and shore up the Social Security Trust Fund]. (Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.170-74)
  • Trump wants a 25% tax on all Chinese imports: "Twenty-five percent tax on China, unless they behave," he told O'Reilly. "You're threatening China with a trade bill. Twenty-five percent tariff. That's big," O'Reilly retorted. "No, they're threatening us. They're going to make a three hundred billion dollar, let's call it profit, this year on the United States." (Source: Fox News, 4/1/11,
  • Trump: "I'd love to have a trade war with China. If we did no business with China frankly we'd save a lot of money.": In a Fox News interview, Trump said “I’m a big free trade believer by the way.” A few minutes later he said “I’d love to have a trade war with China. If we did no business with China frankly we’d save a lot of money.” (Source:
  • In 1999, Trump opposed NAFTA: “KING: You shared Mr. Perot and Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Nader's belief with regard to NAFTA, right? You were an opponent of NAFTA? TRUMP: I am. And the reason NAFTA looks OK now is because the economy is strong, but when the economy is not strong, which, unfortunately, will at some point happen, NAFTA is going to look like a disaster.” (Source:
Along with his positions---his four bankruptcies does not instill confidence in his ability to run the economy.

The truth is as a politician Trump is a joke, his candidacy in 2012 was a joke. As he got more exposure, voters decided that they were not happy with a cussing, birther whose GOP credentials were at best suspect. Perhaps the Donald has nothing to do now that his show isn't taping.

Let's face it, "The Donald" has his head so stuck up his ego that he doesn't get the fact that he hurts rather than helps the part.

In the end Trump's  rhetoric will not be taken seriously by potential voters, "We won the Iraq war. We take over the oil fields" does not represent the preferred foreign policy of most Americans. Telling China to go shove it sounds nice, but since they hold so much of our debt, we may need a policy that shows a bit more finesse than that.
 The only ones helped by his self-aggrandizing flirtations with running for President are the Democrats use will use Trump to say that all Republicans are anti-trade, pro-tax and believe that Obama was born in Kenya.

Please Mr. Trump if you truly want to help this country--- just go away!

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SE Pepper said...

If Trump was truly "savvy", he would have sense enough to stay away from running for any office, and instead support people who are proven leaders in the political or government (including military) arenas. He is simply NONE of the above.