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Monday, September 9, 2013

AMATEUR HOUR!!! Putin is Peeing In His Pants Laughing at Barack Obama and US Policy

If Alan Funt was still alive most of America would looking for him to pop out from somewhere and say "Smile You're on Candid Camera."  This president's foreign policy has been worse than Amateur hour and somewhere in his Kremlin office Vladimir Putin is laughing his arse off at Barack Obama.

Look look at today's strange occurrences. Please try and read the next run-on paragraph in one breath.

First while trying to get international approval for attacking Syria John Kerry holds a press conference where he makes an offhanded remark about avoiding military action if Syria gives up its chemical weapons to some sort of international force. Kerry's comment was as intentional as Obama's "red line"  Almost immediately the State Department tries to walk back Kerry's comment saying it was hypothetical. But it was too late because Russia got involved and made the offer to Syria who said they were interested.  Now at this point Kerry and the White House was still crapping all over the idea (you following this?). The former Secretary of State who wants to be President  just happens to be in Washington DC to pick up a liberty award on the anniversary of when she allowed four Americans who worked for her to be killed in Benghazi and then participated in the cover-up of the terrorist attack in which the four Americans died. (a scandal the mainstream media is still reluctant to cover). Now while the present Secretary of State and Administration is still crapping all over the Russian proposal, the former Secretary of State endorses it.  Finally the President goes on six TV networks (he skips Univision because he doesn't need the Hispanic vote anymore) and not only says he will try and pursue the diplomatic effort his current Secretary of State was backing away from...but it was his idea all along. OK maybe not his Idea but something he discussed with the Russian leader last week at the G20 Summit. The President said he would direct the Secretary of State to follow pursue, but he wouldn't want Syria to use that as a delaying tactic, but this same President has allowed Iran to use negotiations as a delaying tactic for five years.  When the president was done, the Senate Majority leader and member of the president's party announces he will delay the Senate war vote to give the president time to explain himself to the American People. But the real reason is the Majority Leader doesn't have nearly enough votes to pass the war bill.And through this entire thing, one expects John Cleese to show up on the TV screen to complain that the parrot he just purchased was dead.

There that's what happened so far today feel free to exhale--but there is still three hours left and lots more can happen.

Folks understand a few things. Firstly there is no way a UN force or even Russia can get all of the nerve gas out of Syria in the middle of a "civil' war (and that depends on whether or not Russia would actually follow through with taking away Syrian chemical weapons).  And the real winner in this deal is Russia. Not only does Putin look like a peacemaker but by negotiating with Russia and Assad, the United States is granting legitimacy to the existing Syrian Government...the same government which the United States has declared they want to get rid of. In the end our feckless president may actually get out of this mess, but Putin will probably get what he wants, which is an Assad-led government running Syria allowing Russian Air Force bases on their Territory.   And in the end Assad may still be controlling his chemical weapons.

The only way to describe it is Amateur Hour. Whether Obama bombs Syria or not...all the bad guys are rolling on the floor laughing.


c w swanson said...

An even bigger plus is that when the Syrians pretend to give all their chemical weapons to the UN, they can then use their secret stash against the al Qaida rebels and then blame them for having it. After all, they gave all theirs up, didn't they?

Genius! Evil genius, but genius just the same.

Dymphna said...

What a cock-up. I hadn't considered your point about Kerry doing this deliberately - they usually use Uncle Joe for the Bumble, but this was better cover.

Still, where does it leave the Saudis, who want Assad out and expect Obama to do the heavy lifting? Or Qatar, which has poured (it is reported) 3 billions t get at the gas lines in Syria.

It was thoughty of the US to tell Israel that they'd have an hour's heads-up before our ships started firing...

As someone said, Saudi Arabia is willing to fight down to the last American. So I don't think the ruination of various MENA states is done yet. We've got those boots on the ground in Jordan and Egypt, purportedly "training" troops on crowd control, or some such cover.

BHO's return to a strange kind of domino theory in American foreign policy re MENA makes no sense...