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Friday, December 6, 2013

Barack Obama's Big Favor For Jewish Children: The 9th Night of Chanukah

Last night President Barack Obama held a Chanukia (menorah) lighting ceremony
I want to welcome so many friends and leaders from throughout the Jewish community.  We are honored to be joined by one-third of our Supreme Court:  Justice Ginsberg -- (applause) -- Justice Kagan, who is here somewhere -- (applause) -- there she is.  And Justice Breyer is here.  (Applause.)  We’ve got some outstanding members of Congress, members of my administration with us, including our new Director of Jewish Outreach, Matt Nosanchuk.  (Applause.)  Where's Matt?  Matt is out here somewhere.
It was a special ceremony especially for Jewish Children-The 9th night of Chanukah.  I know what you are thinking--Chanukah has only 8 nights.  But this is a President who has changed laws passed by congress via executive fiat....he has POWER. If he can change laws why can't he change power.

Hanukkah is a Rabbinical created holiday (as opposed to those in the Torah which were created by God) so there is a bit more flexibility. And remember President Obama told Russian President Medvedev in his second term he would have more flexibility in his second term.

Jewish children across the United States are celebrating. One more night of presents. But it's more than that, parents are buying more toys, more clothes,  more candles, more potato latkes and Jelly donuts.

There will be those who disagree, they will say there is no 9th day of Channukka, the President simply did not have the time or desire to have the "official" ceremony on the holiday, but I say rubbish!  The extra night increases sales and stimulates the economy, besides some of those kids who will be getting an extra night of gifts need to sign up for obamacare exchanges to balance out the seniors on the plan. Now they will be more motivated to help make Obamacare work.

What a brilliant guy!

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