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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Everything That Emperor/Mayor Michael Bloomberg Banned During the Past 12 Years

At midnight Michael Bloomberg, the Mommy Mayor, Emperor of everything east of the Hudson River until Long Island...will be sent on his merry, cranky way into retirement. But before he goes, lets sit back with a sugared soda of at least 17oz, a good cigar, and a large pizza with extra triglycerides and remember all that the man has done for this city....banning this, and that.

So in the interests of the man who has no regard for personal freedom, lets take a look at all the stuff that Michael Bloomberg has banned :
* Overruled/appealed ban
** Suggested/voluntary ban
*** Proposed/pending ban

All but the final one (H/T Gizmodo)


    Jeff Dunetz said...

    I doubt Mayor Loonberg's successor will tamper with any of these edicts as its pretty obvious they were 'agenda driven.' They fairly drip with socialistic-Marxist 'control of the masses.' Loonbergs little nips at the heels of 'freedom' were meant mostly as an experiment to see if the liberals were at the stage (comparable to the semi-hard ball stage as they say in confectionary) where they could even get by with these outwardly innocuous laws. No, I thing they are a sort of 'training wheels' for the full blown, crushing state intrusions soon to emerge from out of the putrid bowels of ObamaCommieCare. If NYC elected Loonberg, would have considered Wiener (a mental case married to a woman that is even scarier than he), it's clear they want, even seek out 'bondage' and NYC certainly nurtures a segment of population into THAT. Also, This new Mayor is about as conservative as Fidel Castro in his heyday, so I wouldn't expect the saner residents of NYC to openly flaunt their 'Big Gulp' prohibition at the juncture. Anyway, the liberals in NYC are systematically beating back their 'poors' to the very edge of the Atlantic, including their artsy fartsy's (who now whimper about it, too late) who will all be living in Hoovervilles at the shoreline before long. Especially since we are now getting a sense of 'What Is In The Bill.' I think De Blasio will add more no no's of his own, because that's what liberals do. They follow their manual, Rules For Radicals, (I wouldn't be surprised if they keep an at-a-glance copy in their vest pockets) and just keep piling on one crippling, freedom crushing assault on the U.S. Constitution, one after another keep putting people on the spirit and self pride crushing dole, keep appointing yet one more radical Judge to insure we the people follow Obama's horrifying, telegraphed phrase to his murky, nameless, faceless base (like those who wrote ObamaCare and who remain anonymous): "...because I refuse to go back." But that is apparently just fine and dandy with NYC.

    Jeff Dunetz said...

    PMs show is paid for by people who pay for cable TV; very few of whom are fans.