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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Newsbusted: EPA Upset Gasoline is Less Than $5 Per Gallon

Under the Obama administration the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has become one of the more powerful agencies in the Federal government. Thanks to them the price for a gallon of regular gasoline has gone from $1.85 at the end of the Bush Administration to $3.67 as of  5/11/14/.  According to Newsbusted Anchor Jodie Miller (see video below), the EPA is still not satisfied. In fact they are beginning to regulate the chemicals use in fracking because they are upset that regular gasoline is still priced less that $5 dollars a gallon.

Other news items covered in the latest installment of Newsbusted the weekly faux news feature from (embedded below) include; the Democratic party response to Mother's Day; will Oprah's scandals stop her from buying the Clippers; the real number of Obamacare signups; and much, much, more.

Please make sure you watch the video below because something bad always happens to the people who don't. Last week the Pittsburgh Penguins had a 3-1 lead in games in a best of 7 NHL playoff series. They forgot to press play and the NY Rangers won the last three games to knock the penguins out of the Playoffs. So if you don't want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, you better press play.

Oh and if you cannot see the video player below please click here

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