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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Obama Officials Leon Panetta and Mike Morell Endorse Benghazi Select Committee

Not all Democrats oppose the newly named House select committee to investigate the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. On Monday evening two people who were involved with the Obama Administration's handling of the attack, CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, each endorsed the creation of the select committee.

The two former Obama administration officials joined another former member of the administration former FBI Director Robert Mueller​, along with Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman in a panel discussion sponsored by the Panetta Institute for Public Policy speaker series at the California State University Monterey Bay. The four discussed a wide range of policy from the Snowden leaks to Benghazi.

Because three of the panelists were involved with the Obama administration's management of the attack and its aftermath, most newsworthy was the discussion about the newly formed House select committee to investigate the Benghazi terrorist attack.

According to a report in the San Jose Mercury News:

Panetta, a former Central Coast congressman and Democratic Party stalwart, said there needs to be an investigation to lay out the full story to the public. "The problem has been sometimes bits and pieces of information keep coming out" that raise more questions, he said.

"Obviously there is a concern whether it's going to be a political effort to target an issue for a campaign," Panetta said. "I hope Democrats participate, and it really is a legitimate effort."
Politico quotes Morell as adding,
"A lot of people have looked at this, but the polls show that the American people still have questions. I want to make sure that all of those questions are cleared up. There are still some questions about the role of the agency. And there are still questions about my own personal role and I want to clear that up," Morell said during a panel discussion at the Panetta Institute in Monterey, Calif. "It might be surprising for you to hear me say this, but  I am a supporter of the creation of this committee because I want all the facts to come together in one place and be presented as one—by one entity as one thing, so the American people can see all of this."   
If these two staunch Obama supporters "get it" why can't the mainstream media "get it?"

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