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Monday, May 19, 2014

SEIU Launches Petition Demanding Media Matters Stop Opposing The Unionization Of Its Employees

Ah isn't irony wonderful?

 April 10th, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) filed the forms with the National Labor Relations Board to hold an election to unionize 50 employees working for the George Soros-funded progressive media watchdog, Media Matters for America (MMFA). In response, Media Matters has hired a high priced law firm with experience combating unions to represent the company, indicating that the pro-union MMFA was fighting the action. Now the SEUI has launched a petition urging the progressive propagandists to stop fighting unionization.

According to the Washington Examiner the SEIU Local 500 has created a petition urging management at  Media Matters for America to "walk the walk" on progressive values and stop opposing the unionization of its staff.
"Employees at Media Matters have been organizing to form a union and join SEIU Local 500, but Media Matters executives have been fighting it every step of the way -- even though they claim to pro-union!" the petition reads.
The petition was announced by Local 500 on Thursday. The sign-up list itself is on By Monday, it had 148 signatures with a modest goal of just 200. Click Here to add your name and tell Media Matters to do what they preach.

When the SEIU first approached Media Matters, despite the MMFA's  pro-labor political stance for everyone else, it hired law firm Perkins Coie, which is experienced at defending employers against unions.
Whether directly negotiating collective bargaining agreements, developing strike contingency plans or defending unfair labor practice proceedings, Perkins Coie Labor & Employment attorneys provide employers with decades of experience managing traditional labor law issues.  We have been at the bargaining table for some of the largest union employers in the United States and regularly appear before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and in state and federal court on behalf of employers of all sizes.  Our depth of employment litigation experience contributes to cost-effective representation in arbitrations under collective bargaining agreements.
As the Obama NLRB continues to issue union-friendly decisions, we understand the attendant challenges that employers face in developing and maintaining productive employee relations and economic sustainability. 
On April 28, a group of MMFA employees calling themselves the "Media Matters Organizing Committee" took the battle public, they issued a statement through SEIU Local 500 that they "feel betrayed" by management.
"The actions of Media Matters executives have placed employees in the impossible position of continuing to produce content espousing pro-labor values for an employer who is challenging our right to unionize. Not only is management subjecting Media Matters employees to arduous NLRB procedures, the actions of their attorneys indicate Media Matters executives object so tenaciously to our union that they appear willing to prevent employees from ever having the opportunity to vote on the matter," the staffers wrote.

Local 500 has apparently withdrawn its official NLRB petition for an election. Union spokesman Christopher Honey did not explain the reason for this but indicated that they were still pursuing representing Media Matters' staff.
 In other words instead of the extended process of going to the NLRB, the SEIU believes it can get its wish simply by public humiliation.  Based on Media Matters political stance, they should be very embarrassed. Then again, progressives attitude is usually "do as I say...."


Jeff Dunetz said...

It's typical of liberals to not practice what they preach.

Jeff Dunetz said...

The president suffers from sleep deprivation. Every time he gets "mad as hell", he vows not to rest until it's fixed. Poor man hasn't slept in five and a half years!