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Monday, June 16, 2014

CNN Poll 61% of Americans Think Administration is Lying About Benghazi

According to a brand new CNN/ORC International poll 61% of all Americans believe the Obama Administration is being dishonest about Benghazi. A slightly smaller 60% are dissatisfied with the administrations overall handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack which killed four people. 37% are satisfied with the administration’s response to the September 2012 assault.

The issue has been a major point of attack against Hillary Clinton. Last week while facing Diane Sawyer about her new book, she got destroyed by the normally favorable Sawyer over Benghazi.

Sawyer pressed Clinton asking whether the people might be seeking from her a “sentence that begins from you ‘I should have…’?” Finally Clinton gave a contradictory “I take responsibility, but I was not making security decisions.”

The CNN poll was taken before Hillary's lousy week selling her book, despite that she fare only slightly better than the administration 55% believe she did a bad job while 43% are satisfied with what she did in Benghazi.

The public is divided on whether Republicans have been too aggressive in their probes. A plurality of 48% say the hearings have been handled appropriately, while 44% say the GOP has gone too far.

In the end that number depends on how Trey Gowdy handles the select committee.

Read the full CNN report here.

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