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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Definition of Hot Sex (Setting Off Real Sparks)

OK this is another one of those silly stories that I just have to share--A popular porn star said sparks flew out from a sex toy she was using in at a California video shoot, burning her hands and nearly scathing her genitals.

Missy Martinez said she was using a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator, when the handle started to heat up and sparks began firing off from where the device connects to its cord.

Martinez told TMZ the sparks were just inches from her genitals and those of her scene partner. She said she suffered minor burns to her hands.
Missy claims the fiery scene went down Thursday on set -- in the Valley, of course -- when she turned on her Hitachi magic wand vibrator, and the handle immediately heated up. She tells TMZ ... sparks flew out of the base where the cord connects to the device.

The really scary part is it happened inches from her moneymaker, and a vaginal piercing on her porno scene partner ... according to Missy.

She says she fired off a harsh letter to Hitachi, claiming the device is defective and potentially deadly.

Missy says she suffered minor burns on her hands, but all other parts escaped unscathed. We've reached out to Hitachi, but so far no word back.
I wonder if she gets workman's comp?

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