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Friday, October 24, 2014

Perhaps Michelle Obama Should Use A Teleprompter-She Screws Up Again

Perhaps its time for Michelle Obama to borrow her husband's teleprompter or if she does use one maybe it's time for an upgrade because yesterday at a campaign appearance for Mark Udall she quoted from the biography of his Republican opponent Corey Gardner.

At a campaign appearance in Denver on Thursday night Mrs. Obama referred to Senator Mark Udall of Colorado who was born in Arizona, as a “fifth-generation Coloradan.” Obviously Udall doesn't fit into the 5th generation category but his opponent does. That  phrase that appears in the online versions of both the congressional and campaign biographies of Representative Cory Gardner.

“As a fifth-generation Coloradan, Mark understands what makes this state special,” Mrs. Obama said. “He understands the values of independence and fairness — all the things here folks believe in.”
Recently the first lady botched the name of Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley throughout a campaign appearance. And during her next Iowa appearance someone in her office sent out the transcript claiming that Braley was running for Governor instead of Senator.

Maybe from now on she can say "Vote for Good Ole Whatshisface" Who is running for "office."

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