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Monday, March 16, 2015

ABC News Is Wrong--There's No Separate Hillary Email Committee GOP Committee

Over the weekend ABC announced a "scoop," but my sources in DC tell me the ABC "scoop" was flat wrong.
House Speaker John Boehner is expected to announce this week a new investigation into Hillary Clinton's email practices as Secretary of State, including her admission that more than 31,000 emails were destroyed because she determined them to be personal, top House Republicans told ABC News today.
And on This Week, Jonathan Karl said it would be a separate investigation by a separate committee looking only at the Hillary's email practices.

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What I have been told is that CNN's Jeff Zelney got it correct.

No new single-focused committee--just the House Oversight Committee and Rep. Jason Chaffetz doing their jobs. Now if this was anybody except for Jonathan Karl I would contend that the report was deliberately falsified to make the GOP look as if they were intending to make this Hillary email scandal a political issue. However Jonathan is one of the most balanced White House reporters, so I will simply say he got the story wrong.

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