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Monday, March 16, 2015

Absolute Proof Of The Depths To Which American Politics Have Fallen

I found this in USA Today's political blog.  Apparently Daniel Donovan, the GOP candidate in the special election to succeed the disgraced Michael Grimm has made a promise never to send naked selfies over the internet.
New York voters, take note: The Republican hoping to succeed disgraced congressman Michael Grimm says he won’t do anything to shame you — including sharing naked photos of himself.

“I will never embarrass you. I’ve run four times, I’ve been vetted up and down, there’s nothing in my background that’s going to embarrass you,” said Daniel Donovan, the Staten Island district attorney, according to the New York Observer. “And I am too old to know how to put a naked photograph of myself on the Internet.”

While Donovan, 58, was no doubt earnest about his no nude photos pledge, there’s some history behind his comments last week at the Brooklyn South Conservative Club.

He’s making reference to two former New York congressmen who will forever live in infamy. Democrat Anthony Weiner, who resigned after admitting he posted a picture of himself bulging in his underwear on Twitter, and Republican Chris Lee, who was forced out after sending a shirtless photo of himself to a woman he met via Craigslist. They both quit Congress in 2011.
Remember the good old days when not sending naked selfies was something one assumed about a congressional candidate?  This is proof of the extent to which American politics have fallen.

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Jeff Dunetz said...

I saw a clip that said that "her team" removed (deleted) emails that were personal (incriminating) and they were no longer viewable. I guess we are supposed to just accept that and move along as if nothing happened. I guess she thinks we really are that stupid. I hope some computer forensics can retrieve those emails and show that she was trying to hide some very important corespondence.