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Friday, April 17, 2015

Chuck Todd: Hillary 'Swung And Missed' Her First Campaign Week

When someone from NBC News says a progressive liberal has had a bad week, you know it must have been a really lousy week. Chuck Todd, host of Meet The Press was a guest on Friday's Hugh Hewitt program and as the interview was wrapping up he said a few things one would never expect someone who worked for NBC would ever say. First he said Hillary's email servers were a huge issue going to her trustworthiness. He followed that up by saying Hillary's first week of campaigning was a bomb, she had a good first day and has swung and missed every day since.
Hewitt: Chuck Todd, Trey Gowdy came on the show as well and said he’s going to subpoena her if she doesn’t show up. And then he’s going to subpoena Huma Abedin and Sidney Blumenthal and Cheryl Mills. How big of an issue, we’ve got 45 seconds, is this server going to be?

Todd: Look, I think it’s a huge issue. I’m sorry. I think it’s why those trust, those honest and trustworthy numbers were the way they were. We talked about this last week. I used those numbers on the show on Sunday.

Hewitt: Yeah.

Todd: I think this is, it brought back all of the Clinton demons that swing voters are uncomfortable with.

Hewitt: And she doesn’t, she didn’t take any questions this week to dispel those, did she?

Todd: No, and all, and can I just say this week, she had a golden opportunity to come across unscripted and truly out of her bubble. She created opportunities for herself, and then didn’t take them. I just say this was a perplexing week.

Hewitt: Very.

Todd: …watching her. They did very well on day one, and then sort of swung and missed every other day.


Jeff Dunetz said...

This whole thing appears to be a Clinton vs Obama war. I wonder what the strategy is. Benghazi is not going away. Maybe the Dems want to talk about a server instead of why the contents matter more? These people are very slippery.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Let me know when Todd says that where his Lo-Fo MTP audience can hear it, okay?

Jeff Dunetz said...

Frantic to be a somebody in his lame-duck end times, semantics reign (the essence of an Empty Suit) and grave consequences ignored. Vanity of vanities.