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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A New Look For 'The Lid'

I hope you notice (and like the new look for the website.  This completes the transition begun seven years ago when we dropped the name "Yidwithlid" which covered only issues of the US and Israel,  and became "The Lid" which covered all political news with a conservative bent.

The name "The Lid" is actually a press term, it used to be "Full Lid" meaning that there will be no more news from the White House today. Thus the picture of the White House with the press fedora hung on its corner.

Of course in the environment of 24-hour news, internet, etc, so many different ways to find and grab news, there are no true, "full lids" anymore.  So the purpose of this site remains to get you the latest news and commentary from what I hope is an unique,  interesting perspective that is always 100% truthful.

You may also notice that the fundraising pitch at the top of the first post of the page was cut back. Feel free to keep hitting the tip jar (it's still on the left-hand column). For those of you who donated thank you! Your donations have been used to pay for things such as premium membership to Rasmussen Research which will be very important as we near Election 2016 and to maintain the mailing list each of those purchases cost around $200/each.  While this site was given a new look and streamlining, I still hope to hire a real designer and move to a WordPress format, so feel free to hit the tip jar (please) or click on an ad.

In the past year this site has grown in audience and readership, it hard to explain the extent to which your continued readership and support is appreciated other than saying Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  Please keep reading and invite your friends.

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