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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Top 50 Stories on The Lid in 2011 # 41-50

Over 1,150 posts from January first through yesterday, approximately 4 per day Sunday-Friday...Based On Traffic, the following are the top .5% of stories, the fifty posts readers of The Lid thought were most important in 2011. Today we reveal numbers 41-50 and will count down (backwards) another ten every day from now through Friday

50. OOPS ! New Study Says Electric Cars Not So Green -According to the study, an electric car owner would have to drive at least 80,000 miles before producing a net saving in CO2. Many electric cars will not travel that far in their lifetime because they typically have a range of less than 90 miles on a single charge and are unsuitable for long trips. Even those driven 100,000 would save only about a tonne of CO2 over their lifetimes. Full Post Here

49.  What's Wrong With Sarah Palin Using the Term Blood Libel? Man some people are just looking for something to pick at. As reported earlier today, Sarah Palin released a heartfelt video this morning expressing her grief over the tragedy at Tucson, relaying her prayers for the wounded and families of all the victims, and throwing the progressive nonsense suggesting that Palin, the Tea Party, and/or right leaning media had anything to do with inciting the violence. Her speech spoke just the right tone and was delivered with dignity as opposed to bravado. But as they always seem to do, the left found something to attack, the use of one phrase. Blood libel. Full Post Here

48.The Inside Truth Behind "Journalistic Integrity" A large chunk of my career (16 years) was spent in the world of advertising. I worked for various advertising agencies planning and negotiating and recommending the placement of media for many top advertisers. Basically I spent money, but since it was other people's money I had to make sure the money was being spent in the right places and my clients were getting the best possible deal. That "best possible deal" involved more than getting the best costs, but also getting the best editorial coverage. Full Post Here

47.Uh-Oh Moonbats Say Marijuana Causes Global Warming Uh-oh now they've gone and done it! After claiming that just about everything causes Global Warming (unless Al Gore does it), now the Church of Global Warming Moonbats are saying the indoor production of wacky weed causes global warming. This has to alienate the "stoner" set across the world, especially in the People's Republic of California where medical marijuana laws make pot available to just about everyone from cancer and glaucoma patients, to people who are upset that Pia was voted off American Idol. Full Post Here

46. Publisher of The Jewish Week Warns Jews "Don't Piss off Obama" In his latest column in the paper he publishes, Gary Rosenblatt of the Jewish Week astounded me times two, as he talked about the disastrous ADL/Abe Foxman request for Jews to avoid criticizing the POTUS and warned that if American Jews upset President Obama, he might be really bad toward Israel in a second term. Full post here.

45.Will The Last Person To Leave NY State PLEASE Turn Off The Lights!  The world is a lot smaller than it used to be, just as people are fleeing high-tax states, people with higher income can do what many corporations are already doing....leaving the country. Its a long way off, but nation-wide we could eventually face the same dilemma as The People's Republic of NY, a wealthy-tax base being replace by lower income immigrants. Tax revenues per person usually fall with increased tax rates If you think the deficit situation is bad now, I shudder to think what will happen to the National Debt if  lower revenue/person is combined with fewer wealthy tax-payers. Full Post Here

44. Muslim Convert Arrested by NYPD in Terror Plot  Although you wouldn't know he was a Muslim convert from many of the news reports, 27-year-old Jose Pimentel, a loner who lives with his mother in Washington Heights was charged with making pipe bombs after a year-long investigation by the NYPD....According to initial reports Pimentel spent much of his time on the Internet, according to sources, and regularly visited TrueIslam1, a radical website that describes itself as a "blog setup to educate people about the True Religion of Islam as revealed to the Last Prophet Muhammad."Full Post Here

43. EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind Beck Shutting Down Daily Fox Show(Satire) Yesterday I was all confused, when I originally heard the news that Glenn Beck was leaving his daily Fox TV show, I wasn't surprised. Beck had been dropping hints about it since the end of 2010. He was saying things like, "You must prepare yourselves to carry on without me," which was a signal that he was either looking for other opportunities, God-Forbid, had a fatal illness, or that girl he dated during his alcoholic days finally admitted to the police that he was fully aware of the fact that she was only nine. Full Post Here

42. Fifty Reasons Why It's Stupid To Continue To Doubt Obama's Birth or His Education Can you believe it? President Obama released the long form birth certificate this morning, and it isn't over. There still people who don't believe the released birth certificate is real. Apparently if you have Adobe Acrobat and look at the PDF of the long form certificate and right click, with your left foot off the ground, while chewing on a Ritz Cracker and whistling the theme song from the old Barney Miller TV show, the birth certificate will reveal that the real Paul McCartney was killed in a car accent in 1968 and for the past 43 years we have been rocking to Wayne Newton's unknown brother Fig. Full Post Here

41. Colin Powell is Not Smarter Than a 5th Grade History Student On Sunday, former Secretary of State under George Bush, and purported Conservative visited with Christiane Amanpour on the Sunday news show This Week. Powell made some interesting comments about America’s founding fathers and compromise. He decried the stalemate in Washington DC and offered up that the two parties catered to the extremes, especially the GOP who seems to operate at the bidding of the Tea Party. He added that there will never be a Tea Party president because they refuse to compromise like our founding fathers.In his comments, Powell displayed a lack of historical understanding and made the same mistake as other pseudo-conservatives such as David Frum and Jennifer Rubin who seem to relish putting down other conservatives and tea party activists; he makes no distinction between philosophy and execution. Full Post here

Tomorrow 31-40

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