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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Obama's War On Netanyahu Continues: NBC News Produces Slick Anti-Netanyahu Video

President Obama is really going all out trying to punish Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since Bibi's speech to congress was announced, the Obama administration has leaked criticism of Netanyahu and Ambassador Dermer to the NY Times, sent one of his advisers to help a group partially funded by the State Department to defeat Netanyahu's reelection bid. He allowed his Secretary of State and Vice President to give Netanyahu's opponent campaign fodder with a very public meeting in Munich, the Boycott of the Congressional Black Caucus and the letter to the Speaker by my congressman and political hack, Steve Israel. Then there was the leak to WAPOs David Ignatius claiming that Israel was leaking information about the Iran talks but the same information was reported three months earlier and sourced to an Iranian website, and the State Department's warning about travel to Israel issued on Feb. 18th.

The latest Obama volley at Israel and Netanyahu comes from NBC News (via my friend Ken Shephard of Newsbusters). It is a slickly produced video about the charges of spending too much on household expenses by the Prime Minister and his wife. Funny I don't remember NBC News producing "cartoon videos" about any other foreign leaders accused of spending too much on personal expenses. How about one on the Palestinian leadership who have taken billions of foreign aid and deposited the money in Swiss bank accounts.

No because that wouldn't advance Obama's agenda.  NBC is the loyal lapdog of the Obama administration.


Unknown said...

Considering that NBC is the biggest supporters of Michelle-Antoinette I would be quiet if I were them.

Unknown said...

Obama's an a$$hole. Nothing new here.

Unknown said...

I really don't understand the point of your article. Was it to demonstrate that you are a racist or did you just intend to offend all black men? Or did you desire to offend all women fond of Oprah? Did you prove anything about Holder knowing that guns were walking? From his comment "Do they really, really know?" it sounds as though he really didn't know, but he was suspect.

Your picture of Stedman Graham is off topic and adds nothing to the story except that it makes you appear racist. It is completely inappropriate. Remove it please.

Unknown said...

So when I put up a similar picture of Joe Biden a Jeff Dunham's puppet Walter, was that racist? Please go somewhere to purchase a sense of humor

Unknown said...

One would think that somebody of your years would understand when he has crossed the line. Jeff Dunetz you are precisely what gives right-wing bloggers a bad name. Jeff Dunetz is a racist. I agree that Holder was a nightmare as AG, but Stedman Graham has nothing to do with the story. The only thing Graham has in common with Holder is race, and you dragging him into the story is inappropriate. The picture above is offensive and you should take it down. You fail to address any of the points I raised in my comment. You suggesting I get a sense of humor is like saying "Fu¢k You Jeff Dunetz" and then telling you to get a sense humor if you are offended.