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Monday, December 30, 2013

Readers Picks for The Top Ten Stories of the Year 2013

Since last week we have been counting down your choice for the top 50 posts on The Lid (based on traffic). The first installment was Wednesday when we posted #41-50, Thursday we posted #31-40 , Friday was #21-30, Sunday was #11-20, and today we reveal your top ten stories of the year.

#10 The Welfare Of The People Has Always Been The Alibi Of Tyrants  (6/7/13) America is slowly moving toward abandoning those rights endowed to us by our creator and protected by the United States Constitution. Those of you who read this article and think it a hit piece on Barack Obama and/or George W. Bush you are wrong. This trend of abdicating freedom started way before 9/11. The American people have been voluntarily transferring their rights to the government—not an overt transfer; electing both Republicans and Democrats who believe that government can solve all of your problems has done it. When you put government in control of solving problems—by necessity they take away your freedoms to execute their solutions.

#9 JEWISH MOTHER SWEATER ALERT!!! Science Indicates Earth is Heading Toward an ICE AGE (8/14/13) If my Mom of blessed memory were still alive, she would tell me to run out the the store to purchase heavy sweaters and a extra warm winter coat. In fact after reading this story she would issue a major Jewish Mother Sweater Alert all because there is new evidence that the Earth may be heading toward an ice age (please stop crying Mr. Gore).

# 8 Helen Thomas (HATER)1920-2013: Why I'm Proud I "Took Her Down" (7/30/13) My "association" with Helen Thomas began on a Friday, a month longer than three years ago when my friend Rabbi David Nesenoff sent me a video which contained a short explosive interview he had conducted with Helen Thomas. There on tape the veteran White House correspondent gave a statement that many people (including me) saw as telling the Jews to go face another Holocaust. That was probably one of the more pleasant things Thomas has ever said about Jews.

On the call David asked me if there was anything I could do with the video. He had already offered it to the mainstream media and even The Jewish Week, a weekly progressive newspaper for the Jewish community. Taking up David's challenge, I guaranteed the video would have a half a million hits before he turned on the computer again after the Sabbath (I was wrong--it was over 750 thousand).

#7 An Annotated List Of the President's 23 Gun Control Executive Orders (1/16/13) What a pile of nothing. Both the POTUS and the SCHMOTUS had been warning that Obama would take hard constructive action on gun control.  For days advocates of the constitution were worried that Obama would seek to destroy the Second Amendment by executive fiat. Instead his actions were the typical political "We will do better and we will study." One thing the POTUS missed...there is no executive order preventing the Federal Government from selling weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels...everyone would support that one.  Below is the list of all 23 Executive Orders regarding gun control issued by Obama today--annotated with some "pithy" comments (in Red).

#6 FDR's Antisemitism Doomed Thousands of Jews To Suffer The Holocaust: A Lesson For Today's Jewish Leaders (4/5/13) During the Holocaust, the misguided reverence by the so called Jewish leadership allowed an Antisemitic Franklin Roosevelt to ignore the suffering of the Jews under Hitler. It is a mark of the poverty of today's so called Jewish leaders that they are repeating the mistake of so long ago. Through their misguided reverence for a US President (who is not anti-Semitic) they are ignoring-storm front surrounding the 6 million Jews in Israel. In fact they are aiding Obama's naive (or anti-Israel) push to pressure Israel for concessions when it is the Palestinian side who refuses to even recognize her right to exist as the Jewish State.

#5 UPDATE: Boston Bomber's Dad: If They Kill My Second Child All Hell Would Break Loose (4/19/13)  ABC Spoke to the Bombers' Father from his home in Makhachkala, Russia.
"If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame," the father told ABC News. "Someone, some organization is out to get them."
All hell would break loose? I wonder what that means.

#4 How Dare You Call Me NAZI Rep Clyburn-I Have Family Who Died In the Holocaust (8/21/13) Attacks on the right wing blogisphere are common practice, but one part of Rep. Clyburn's comments is way over the line. The part where he accused right-wingers of using Hitler-like tactics.

EXCUSE ME? Hitler? REALLY?? How dare he cheapen the memory of the Holocaust with inappropriate references.  I am sick and tired of  Democrats and their fake Shoah references (Shoah is the word Jews use for the Holocaust it's Hebrew for Disaster).

#3 EXCLUSIVE Who's Crazier Anthony Weiner or His Sexting Partner? Her Ex-Boyfriend Says: She Was a "Fatal Attraction" (7/27/13) The last woman Drew Hanley dated before he met his wife was Anthony Wieners latest public sexting partner Sidney Elaine Leathers. After learning of the relationship from his brother, I spoke to/emailed Drew Hanley about his ex. I sent him the pictures I had and asked him to confirm that we were talking about the same person, responded with a confirmation and the picture of the two of them above.

#2 Washington Post Chief Meteorologist: Bill Nye Is a Weather Idiot  (2/11/13) Like all good Washington Post-ers, Jason Samenow the paper's Chief Meteorologist was watching MSNBC on Saturday and happened upon guest Bill Nye-The Science Guy explaining all about the recent east coast blizzard. Apparently Nye got almost everything wrong and Mr. Samenow's review was rather brutal, but Nye deserved it all!

#1 Despite Mistake--Dana Loesch Destroys Piers Morgan in Gun Control Debate (1/17/13) After last night, CNN's Piers Morgan must realize there are some things that are more dangerous than (what he calls) a military-style assault weapon, that is debating Dana Loesch.  On his show he attempted to debate Dana as well as Scottie Hughes of the Tea Party network. The two women turned the left-wing Morgan into a slobbering pile of steaming televised protoplasm. At the end he even admits that Dana's spirited debate points made him sick.

Thank you all for reading these pages in 2013,  stay tuned one year from today we will reveal your choices for next year's top stories. 

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