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Friday, December 27, 2013

Top 50 Stories of 2013 #21-30

All week we have been counting down your choice for the top 50 posts on The Lid (based on traffic). The first installment was Wednesday when we posted #41-50, Thursday we posted #31-40 and today we post #21-30. Remember...if you click on the title you can read the entire post:

#30 WHAT A CREEP! Barack Obama Hits a New Low (2/21/13)Ladies and Gentlemen if you haven't realized it yet,  Barack Obama is a mean spirited man who receives greater joy in dividing people than solving America's problems. The bully-in-chief appeared on the radio show of "Reverend" Al Sharpton, the professional bigot who led two anti-Semitic pogroms in NYC and slandered the opposition party.

#29 Bill Nye Is Still The Weather Idiot Guy (5/22/13) Bill Nye is a glutton for punishment. After getting destroyed by Climate Depot's Marc Morano during a discussion about global warming on the Piers Morgan show in January he was eviscerated by Washington Post's Chief Meteorologist, Jason Samenow a month later Nye used to (and may still have) a great kids show introducing young children to the basic concepts of science. Perhaps he should stick to the kids because this week he proved again that he is not ready to play with the adults.

#28 HYPOCRISY: Mother Jones Writer Behind McConnell Bugging Railed Against Bush Wiretapping (4/9/13)The writer who penned the paragraph below took a bold stand against the conversations of American Citizens being "listened in on," without their knowledge or consent--even if it is being done because of national security.

It's not every day a former deputy attorney general testifies that the White House violated the law--and did so knowingly. But that seemed to happen this morning when former Deputy Attorney General James Comey testified before the Senate judiciary committee about the once-secret NSA warrantless wiretapping program that targeted citizens and residents in the United States.
#27 MUST WATCH VIDEO-Egyptian Cleric: Boston Bombs Were Message From Mujahideen (And France is Next)(4/17/13) Our friends in Egypt can be so empathetic. Take for example this  interview with Egyptian Salafi cleric Sheik Murgan Salem, which aired on Tahrir TV yesterday the day after the Boston Marathon Bombing.  This "religious leader" gave his take on the bombing, that it was a message from Mujahideen to the United States and indeed all the West (especially France) "you will be destroyed."

#26 Since The Media Is Now Paying Attention-Will They Investigate These 20 OTHER OBAMA SCANDALS? (5/15/13) It warms my heart to see the mainstream media doing its job (well somewhat and only with Benghazi, IRS and the AP).  Now its time for them to prove their meddle.  Since they are awake, alert and paying attention, perhaps they could investigate  the twenty scandals ignored since Obama became President in January 2009. According to the information about the Justice Dept. investigation of the Associated Press, Holder's troops got the phone information of 100 reporters  Hey AP this is a great way to get back at the administration assign each of the stories below to a reporter, you still would have 80 others to cover other news.

#25 Al Sharpton Hypocrisy: Criticism of Mayor Bloomberg's Gun Campaign Due to Antisemitism (3/25/13) Its incredible when non-Jews play the Antisemitism card as a way to attack their political opponents, its downright disgusting when its an Anti-Semite playing that card. This morning on the Morning Joe program, Mike Barnicle and Al Sharpton agreed that part of the opposition to Mike Bloomberg's Gun Control efforts are caused by Antisemitism.

#24 ACTION ALERT--DOJ Wants Emails With Anti-Zimmerman Tips: Show Them Conservatives Are Good Americans-Send an Email! (7/16/13)The Department of Justice has no evidence that George Zimmerman is a racist so they are asking the American Public for help in tracking down and persecuting the neighborhood watch man found innocent of murder Saturday evening.

#23 Intelligence Chief Clapper Apologizes For Lying To Senate By Lying About His Lie (7/3/13) Arrogance, Pure Arrogance! During a March 12 Senate hearing  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper gave an answer in response to a question by Senator Ron Wyden, which the NSA scandal proved to be a lie.  In early June he "fessed up" on national TV and now after almost four months he has gotten around to apologizing to the committee to which he lied.

#22 Long-Time Clinton Aide Involved In Cover-Up of Benghazi AND Ambassador/ Underage Hooker Scandal (6/13/13 ) One of the closest members of the Hillary Clinton team and a long-time aid of both Hilary and Bill Clinton , Cheryl Mills is named in the internal memo from State Department Office of Inspector General about the coverup of Ambassador wrong-doing.

#21 CPAC Confrontation--- How Many Black People Are Here?  (3/14/13) Sometimes its hard to cover a story when you become the story.  Leaving the press area to explore, I found a tall African-American fellow/With a Camera Crew (Named Greg Thrasher) berating a young woman. At first I believed she was as CPAC Staffer, but having met her two days later I now know she is a twenty year old law student (and Judging by her intelligence probably a very good one).

That's it for now--look for #11-20 on Sunday.

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