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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sorry Global Warming Advocates--Study Shows it Was Warmer in Roman Times Than Today

Scientists may have figured out why Romans wore togas and the global warming theorists are not going to be pleased. A new study by Swiss scientists finds the earth was warmer during Roman and Medieval times than it is today, which indicates that greenhouse gases may not be the driving force behind the modern global warming trend.
The study, by scientist Leif Kullman, analyzed 455 “radiocarbon-dated mega-fossils” in the Scandes Mountains and found that tree lines for different species of trees were higher during the Roman and Medieval times than they are today. Not only that, but the temperatures were higher as well.

“Historical tree line positions are viewed in relation to early 21st century equivalents, and indicate that tree line elevations attained during the past century and in association with modern climate warming are highly unusual, but not unique, phenomena from the perspective of the past 4,800 years,” Kullman found. “Prior to that, the pine tree line (and summer temperatures) was consistently higher than present, as it was also during the Roman and Medieval periods.”

Kullman also wrote that “summer temperatures during the early Holocene thermal optimum may have been 2.3°C higher than present.” The “Holocene thermal optimum was a warm period that occurred between 9,000 and 5,000 years ago. This warm period was followed by a gradual cooling period.”

According to Kullman, the temperature spikes were during the Roman and Medieval warming periods “were succeeded by a distinct tree line/temperature dip, broadly corresponding to the Little Ice Age.”
The importance of this report is that it indicates the Earth was warmer in pre-industrial times, meaning that mother nature rather than man may be driving climate change.

This latest study is part of the mounting evidence that global warming may not be the problem that Al Gore and others claim it is. Most of the “gloom and doom” predictions made by the global warming theorists have not come true. Even the climate change histrionics one sees in the media after every major storm or fire are wrong, as the frequency of hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires are all way down.

Other facts arguing against the climate change theory include, in its latest report the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the U.N.’s global warming organization, acknowledge that the Earth’s temperatures haven’t gotten warmer in over 15 years. Additionally, both polar ice caps are growing at near record rates. In fact some peer-reviewed studies are predicting the earth is about to experience a mini ice age.

One does not have to believe that there is an ice age coming, but there is enough scientific evidence disputing the climate change theory to throw it into doubt. Anybody saying climate change is settled science is either lying, trying to redistribute income internationally, or has a financial interest in closing off the debate.


Anonymous said...

Had to be anthropological. Everyone knows that the intensity of the sun has nothing to do with the climate.

Dstarr said...

The Medieval Warm Period is generally accepted among historians. They look at dates of harvest, accounts of crops grown where, glacier location, and settlement in places like Greenland. I know the global warmists have been denying the Medieval Warm period, but nobody in the historical community listens to them.

Dan Pangburn said...

Find out what caused the warming and why it stopped at

Joe Daniels said...

I think the last option is the correct one - the more strident a global warming activist is, the more vested interests they are likely to have to spread the lie that "the science is settled".