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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New NBC News/WSJ Poll: A Disaster For Obama (Not Much Better for Hillary)

The latest NBC News/WSJ Poll released Wednesday morning was nothing short of a disaster for President Obama. A majority of Americans (54%) believe Obama is no longer able to lead the country (42% believe he is still able). Additionally while the public is divided 50%/50% on the question of whether the overall administration is competently managing he federal govt. those numbers are slightly less than the Bush administration at approximately the same time in his tenure (53%/46%).

Obama's overall approval rating fell back to his all time low of only 41% approving of the job Obama is doing as POTUS. And number of people believing the country is heading in the right direction continued to decline, only 25% believe the U.S. is going the right way.  

One of Obama's selling points in the 2012 election was his handling of foreign policy.  The poll reflects a loss of approval for the President's handling of foreign policy. Disapproval of Obama's  foreign policy grew from 53% to 57%. Note: the poll was in the field between June 11-15 which means some of it was done before Iraq became a major issue.

In the past even when the Job approval for Obama has fallen, his overall rating stayed high indicating that "we" liked him as a person.  Since just before the 2012 election however, the President's overall rating has been in free fall to where it stands now, 20% feel very positive about Obama (21% somewhat positive), 31% are very negative (14% somewhat negative).

Hillary Clinton's ratings have fallen a bit also. 44% have a very or somewhat positive view of the former Secretary of State, 37% very or somewhat negative view. In April, the last time this poll asked, those rating were 48% and 32%. And surprisingly only 38% say the will probably or almost certainly vote for her if she runs in 2016.

In other key Obama issues 59% of Americans oppose closing Gitmo and by a plurality of 44%-30% voters disagree with the Bergdahl prisoner exchange.

In some of these categories there is the beginnings of a trend and those trends are not good for the President and Ms. Clinton. But then again it's a long way to the 2014 mid-terms and an even longer way to the 2016 elections.

The full results are embedded below:

Ed Morrissey adds his point of view of the results here at Hot Air


Jeff Dunetz said...

It's regrettable that it took over 6 years for so many Americans to realize the ineptness of Obama. He was a fraud that sold himself as something he wasn't.

He'll become the worst president known in American history.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Yeah it took six years for the obvious to come to light. Slow learners in this country..

Jeff Dunetz said...

"He's finally being recognized as the worst president known in American history."

Jeff Dunetz said...

We've had more than 40 Presidents at this point, and been around more than 225 years. We've had plenty of opportunity for Presidents that were inept (Buchannan, Harrison, Grant, Hoover, Truman, Carter), Presidents that were corrupt (Tyler, Peirce, LBJ, Nixon), and Presidents both inept and corrupt (Harding, Johnson). We've even had at least one President deserving of the label evil (Jackson). So while I agree that Obama is hopelessly incompetent, and probably no President since Ulysses S. Grant (and maybe not even him) has been in so little control of his own government, Obama still has a ways to go to get into the discussion of worst ever, though honestly, if he's not as bad as Warren G. Harding for being indecisive, ineffective, and uncommitted to the job then I don't know what would be. Even Carter is beginning to look pretty good by comparison, at least Carter tried, and the real danger of Obama is that he's likely only to look worse as time progresses. Still much as with the left's assessment of GWB as being the worst ever, all statements that call him the worst ever really show is a lack of knowledge of history. In no fashion is Obama as bad as Andrew Jackson or James Buchanan. I'd rate both GWB and Obama in the bottom 20 at this point, with Obama giving some optimism to the bottom 10 at this point depending on how some of his scandals play out.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Lily Tomlin's 'Phone Lady' character said it all. Paraphrased for Progressives:
We don't care how popular we are, we don't have to, because we are never going to lose control of the federal government, not by losing elections, not
even when the world economy collapses; We will simply declare a national
emergency and rule by fiat and force.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Here's the reason I've opposed any movement toward, or even talk of, impeachment. When your enemy (in this case, not just Obama, but Leftism) is destroying itself, don't interfere. The country survived a civil war, we can survive one incompetent douchebag Leftist, even through two terms. But Leftism may not recover for generations, and as an immediate bonus, Hillary has always associated herself with Leftism. She's not going to be able to disassociate herself from either Obama or Leftism between now and the inevitable disastrous end of the Obama administration.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Another day, another tireless attempt to erase George W. Bush from American History! The sane world knows what Cheney, Bush and the rest of their kind have done to Iraq and Afghanistan. They brought war and chaos in the Middle East under the guise of US national security but in fact, blood profits from their Republican supporters.. They are hurting under Obama administration because their lies and shenanigans had been exposed!
No the dumbest are those who supported the Bush / Cheney team. Bush lied daily about war, telling Americans it would last months & cost less than 50 billion.
I remain amazed that Bush/Cheney got reelected to second term. How can the voters be THAT clueless. Unfortunately that has not changed. I am no fan of Obama, but he is responsible for tens or hundreds of thousands fewer deaths around the world than his predecessors.
I'm sick of the ignorant racists spewing the obama hates America and is destroying it because he is an illegal, Please. Be honest. You hate that a "majority" is NOT laying dead on the street like you think they should, and instead, one of them is in the Oval Office!

Jeff Dunetz said...


Jeff Dunetz said...

I don't know how old you are but Im 42 and the sad thing is, I am probally going to see this type of ineptness at least 2 more times. Makes me sick, but the electorate has changed. We are no longer a nation that elects a Jimmy Carter and then elects him right out. This is not a nation that learns from our history or world history. Socialism doesn't work. Yet we are trying it again. It's not like people are thinking, lets try it one more time and we can make it work. The electorate just doesn't know it's history. They don't know that this has been tried before, because they are more concern about pop culture than history. They also believe that the best way to help people is to give them handouts. It makes perfect sense to make the minimum wage $15 an hour, free health care and a home with 0 down. On the surface it looks like the right thing to do. But if history is any guide, it turns out that it makes things worse. Im pretty sure that we will have a republican president in 2017 but if that president wants to be reelected, he is going to have to give free stuff. I just do not see a Reagan Revolution on our horizon.

Jeff Dunetz said...

He still has 41 % approval rating. I will not be happy until he is i the 20's
Early 20's

Jeff Dunetz said...

Much of your presidential history is fairly stated, but why the hate on Harding? After Wilson's disastrous 2nd term, the country was plunging into a depression, and society riven by nearly authoritarian levels of control and oppression.

Harding ended that in nearly a stroke, cutting the size of government, spending by over 50% and taxes by 40%. During his brief 3 years in office, unemployment dropped from over 11% to under 3%. The economy entered one of the most prosperous periods of US history.

Indecisive ineffectual and uncommitted to the job? Don't trust historians' revisionist telling, historians who prefer socialist growth of government control over the free market. Yes, he indulged some corrupt cabinet members. But he also trusted several amazingly competent cabinet secretaries, above all Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon.

For a more balanced assessment of Harding's all too maligned presidency read: